How To Save Money On Driving Lessons

Posted by Bimbita on January-10-2012 under Save Money on Car

Driving lessons can be quite expensive, but there are certain ways wherein you can cut the expenses on driving lessons and get value for your money. Here are some ways to save money on driving lessons.

Register Block Sessions

When you book 5 or more sessions of driving lessons, you can save money. Most driving schools will offer the service. This enables the learner to take advantage of huge discounts. The time and the date can be chosen by the learner very easily. The downside to the deal is that the learner has to take a single instructor. In case; they don’t like the instructor, they are stuck with the instructor for the 5 sessions or the bulk sessions that they have paid the money.

For this, you should take the first lesson and if you are happy with the instructor, then only you should pay or the remainder of the bulk sessions.

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Read The Highway Code Thoroughly

Examiners will test the learners on their ability to understand the Highway Code. These rules and explanation are very easy to understand. If there are any doubts, then the learner should ask the driving instructor to explain the rules to them. If you understand these rules, then chances are high, that you will apply them to the driving lessons and the tests. In doing so, people have a better chance at passing the test easily and at a single go. When this happens, they can save money on their driving lessons very easily.


After learning the lessons, if possible go out with your parents or spouse and practice all that you have learned. When you are better prepared for your lessons, then you can save lots of money quite easily. Also, write down all that you have learned in the lessons, the mistakes you have made and what you have learned from those mistakes. It’s important to recap after every lesson. The driving instructor would also be very happy to recap after every lesson.

Practice With A Family Member Or A Friend

If a friend or a family member have had a license for more than 3 years, then you could ask them to help out. However, you need to get insurance for this purpose. This can save you money on the driving lessons when you learn from a family member or a friend. However many people aren’t very patient. To teach others how to drive, an instructor should have lots of patience. Incredibly family members also became nervous or distraught when teaching their own relatives. This is because they are worries about their own safety and that of the learner, as well.

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