How To Save Money On Buying Movie Tickets

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In continuance with our earlier post, save money on movie tickets, here are some extra ways on How to save money on buying movie tickets. Going to movies and buying movie tickets can be quite expensive. Whether you are out for a romantic night out with your lover, out with friends or with family, the cost can easily you back by a couple of hundred dollars. Lets read how to save on movie tickets. If there are quite a few people in the group, the cost of transportation, snacks, and drinks can easily out price dining at a local restaurant.

There are a number of sites such as or that offer the convenience of booking the movie tickets but they also levy a service charge. This can increase the cost of the tickets quite easily. Even then there are some theaters that issue online tickets without charging any service fees.

Watching an Earlier Show

Movies that begin before 5PM will usually charge a much lower price than the matinée shows. So if, the matinée show is priced at $9 or $10, then the 5PM or shows or earlier will be priced at $5 – $6. That’s a considerable saving as the ticket prices are down by as much as 50%. In effect, two people can watch the movie for the price of one. This is quite a deal with a huge group of people watching the movie.

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Using Rewards Program

Check with your favorite movie theater, if it has a rewards program or not. Many movies theaters award points for every dollar that is spent on the tickets (sometimes including dollars spent at the concessions stand and the snacks counter). Once there is a whole number of points that have been accumulated. These can be redeemed against movie tickets.

Apart from the rewards programs, there are specific days when tickets are riced lower. For example, Wednesday ticket prices are much lower than the weekend. Some theaters even have specific promotional offers, where they offer lower ticket value to senior citizens or for those that have young children and so on. This is a fantastic way of saving on the ticket prices.

Some theaters also offer discounts on tickets that are purchased in bulk. Therefore, those that buy 50 tickets or more can see $2 – $3 saving per ticket. This means, for a group of 50 tickets, savings of $100 – $150 is easily possible.

The HR Department of Companies

As part of their HR policies, many companies also offer concessionary or free movie tickets for their employees and their family. Many companies have a corporate discount program with the big theater chains, and this allows them to give free or concessionary movie tickets to their employees. Vouchers for snacks and drinks can also be given alongside the concessionary movie tickets.

Buying Discounted Movie Vouchers from Big Retailers

Many big retailers such as Costco also offer discounted movie tickets or passes. Find out more from the retailers that you shop at and get the free or the discounted movie tickets easily.

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