Make Money By Selling Coupons On eBay

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Selling coupons on eBay is definitely a lucrative business to make some extra bucks, especially if you are good with organizing and understanding how to manipulate the internet. Coupons are really in demand and people will pay a small amount of premium in order to save on what they need. Coupons can help people in saving money in the long run quite easily. Lets read some ways to make money by selling coupons on eBay.

Organizing The Coupons

Coupons are available for all grocery products, clothes, personal care items, pet food, health expenses and many more. The list is endless. Look for places where coupons are available. Coupons can be printed from online websites, subscription websites, coupon books, accumulated from Sunday editions of newspapers and many more. Woman’s magazines such as good housekeeping and “All You magazine” at Wal-Mart are especially helpful when looking for the coupons. Several stresses such as 7-11 and others will also give away the Sunday newspapers on Monday, and you can ask them to save it for you. Cut out the coupons and keep.

Accumulate these coupons and segregate them. Organize the coupons in several categories and make folders where they can be stored for easy access. Keep mailing envelopes and $0.42 stamps ready from the US Postal service.

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Grouping For eBay

Another possible way to make money on eBay is to do some research on eBay on the categories listed, before listing the coupons for sale. Grocery coupons are listed in many sections. Many other coupon sellers will also list the coupons by the exact name such as Dove shampoo 10 coupons.

Post Exact Picture

There are many ways in sellers will post the picture of the coupons. Sellers will post a single coupon (blocking out the barcode), or will post a pile of coupons, while many others don’t show the coupon at all. It’s recommended that the exact picture be posted for buyers to understand what they are getting.

Write Description For The Coupons

Write a full and an exact description for the coupons that have been offered. Write the number of coupons offered, discounts for bulk purchase (if applicable) and the expiration date. The coupon should be posted well in advance much before the expiration date to ensure that it can be used by the buyers.

Money Paid For Shipping

Some sellers offer free sipping or will charge for the cost of a first class mail. Free shipping puts the sellers on the top of the list. Also, explain the shipping procedure. While some sellers ship every day, others do it once a week.

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