Money-Saving Ways to Lose Weight

Posted by Bimbita on January-7-2012 under Save Money

Here are some money-saving ways to lose weight. There are a number of ways in which weight can be lost easily and cheaply without utilizing any special diets or fancy foods. By changing the way people eat, they can also keep away from a number of lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, heart problems, obesity and many more. Before losing weight, look at the food that you eat and the amount of exercise pattern that you currently have. Losing weight has many advantages like great figure; dress fitting, easy & fast mobility, upbeat mood and staying away from diseases.

Stop buying processed foods

Processed foods are more expensive than unprocessed or raw foods. Even if, they are inexpensive, processed foods are laden with calories than raw or unprocessed foods. Since processed foods are easy to get and can be eaten right from the cans, many people simply don’t bother to cook. However, later on they can be the cause of obesity and other problems.

Stocking up

Simply stock up on the vegetables and the meat products and start collecting easy recipes that don’t take much of your time for cooking. Vegetables, legumes, beans etc. are an excellent source of food and have much lower calories. Meat is more expensive than vegetables and having just one meat less meal will decrease the cost of your food consumption also make you lose weight. Substitute olive oil and a sprinkling of cheese to add taste to your food. This will cut down on the calories that are being consumed as well as the cost of the food bill.

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How to eat

80% of what you eat should constitute of legumes, vegetables, fruits and meats. If you have a really sweet tooth, then take a single helping or just a bit to fight the craving. Big departmental stores sell frozen vegetables or you can find a farmers market, which has the fresh produce. Usually it’s cheaper to buy the vegetables here. Other stores where you can purchase the fresh or frozen produce cheaply are the 99 cent store. You can end up saving as much as $20 in the month.

Eating limited carbs

A diet without carbohydrates can make you feel grumpy and dissatisfied. Carbs are essential to the body in much the same way as proteins, vitamins and minerals. Carbs are found in starchy products such as potato, bread etc. Eat whole grain bread, brown rice, oatmeal as this can make you feel fuller. Carbs should constitute just about 20% of your diet.

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