How To Make Money Through Facebook

Posted by Bimbita on January-16-2012 under Make Money

Here, are some ways to make money through Facebook. Even while, Facebook is a social networking site, it provides a great opportunity and platform for entrepreneurs, to sell their products and services. While it’s not as widespread as amazon or eBay, it nevertheless has the right marketing ability to reach out to millions of people around the world quite effectively. Facebook also helps entrepreneurs to link up with their customers, talk to them and get their feedback, which other B2C websites don’t allow. Businesses can increase their leverage, visibility and loyalty by using Facebook. Lets read out some ways to make money through Facebook.

Create a Fanpage for Business on Facebook

This can be done simply by “Create a Page for a Celebrity, Brand or Business”. Now fill in as much information that you want about the product or service that you offer and pricing for it. Now simply put the Facebook page on your website or advertise it through the store or newsletters and mailings. Use the Facebook page in all types of communication with your customer base. Post updates and reviews on the Facebook page for your product or service. If someone clicks on the product or service, you stand a chance of gaining a customer quite easily.

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Place Products or Services on the “Marketplace” on Facebook

This is a place where you can put your products directly on the Facebook. Customers and sellers can conduct trade. You can update the product with photos description of the product and pricing. Place links to your products or services by using the “information” tab on Facebook. This is a free to use application and can be used by anyone that has a product or service to sell that would be of interest to others.

Creation of Facebook Applications

Another way to make money with Facebook is to use various Facebook applications. Facebook users use a number of applications on a daily basis. While some of these applications are free to use, many applications need to be purchased. Devise an application, that has a niche market and people are willing to pay for the application. This can generate a whole lot of money for you quite easily.

Sign up for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money. This can also be done on Facebook. Sign up for pages and groups that are related to your products. Place your products and services on these groups and pages. When someone clicks here, you are going to make money through affiliate marketing.

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