5 Websites to Trade Gift Cards

Posted by Bimbita on January-15-2012 under Save Money

Whether you want to trade gift cards or swap the gift cards or exchange them for cash, there are several websites that can help you. Many people have gifts cards, which are of no use to them and would like to trade them or swap them for other usable gift cards. Many others would like to convert it into cash that they can suitably use.

Websites For Swapping, Selling and Trading the Gift Cards

For those who have unused gifts, there are three options that are available to them. They can choose to swap them, trade them or they can donate them. For those who would like to swap or trade the gift cards, there are various sites that are available.

MonsterGiftCard: MonsterGiftCard is one of the most popular websites that provide services to trade gift cards. Basically, services to make the buying, selling and trading of  gift cards easy and secure.

CardSwap: CardSwap is another popular website that lets you Buy and Sell Gift Cards online. You can also create your own wish list.

GiftCardSwapping: GiftCardSwapping is an excellent website that provide services to swap and sell your unwanted gift cards. You can also buy gift cards on discount by saving huge amount.

GiftCardRescue: GiftCardRescue is yet another powerful website that buys gifts cards from people who have unwanted gift cards. The company thereafter sells it to those who need them.

PlasticJungle: PlasticJungle is one the largest web’s secured gift card exchanging website that allows you trade gift cards. You can sell your unwanted gift cards and buy the other ones at a discounted price.

More than just swapping the cards, these websites also facilitate the sale, purchase and trading of the cards. The selections are categorized. So whether, you look for hardware, personal goods, per supplies, office supplies and much more, these websites have it all. The advantages of trading or purchasing the cards from these websites are that the fact that consumers are getting more value for their money.

Selling Gift Cards

Sellers will need to make an account and can then sell their gift cards or trade them. This gift card swapping websites will then give them points that can be used to purchase other cards. They also will pay the seller for the gift card that has been sold through their website. The websites offer sellers either cash or points. The seller needs to be registered with the website in order to do that. The gift card details such as the bar code and the name of the seller can also be mailed to the website.

After the receipt of the gift card by the websites, it will usually take 2 – 3 working days for them to mail out the check. The websites recommend that the gift cards should be sent through United States Postal Service as they are the most cost-effective and should include the delivery confirmation alternative.

Trading Gift Cards

Websites won’t charge the buyer for trading a gift card. The seller for the gift card will be charged. The website will charge a listing fee which is approximately 4 – 5% of the final fees plus some standard charges as are applicable. In the same way that the gift cards can be sold, for cash or points, the gift cards can also be sold for cash or points.

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