Ten Businesses To Work From Home

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Working for yourself and making a comfortable living, sure beats working for the man; indeed the harder you work, the more money you can make. Around the world, there are many innovative people who have risen to the challenge of starting a business from the comfort of their own homes and are quite successful. So, if you’re a person who feel frustrated with your work and yearning for something new, exciting and ultimately financially rewarding, give some thought to leaving your dead-end job and venturing into the world of self-employment.

Deciding what sort of business to operate from your home, may be a challenge in itself. With that quandary in mind, here are ten suggestions to help you start business from home.

  • Webpreneur: Is a person who makes their own website based on a theme or product that he or she knows a great deal. Before you shell out money to have a website made, give some thought to what you want. Think about your experiences – what do you have that may be unique and, by being so, be of interest to others. Once you have come up with an idea, get that website up and running. Make sure your site looks as well as, is professional. Just collect all kinds of information about the “theme” you chose; it is important to keep the site up-to-date, which means adding new information regularly. From their search for similar websites and build links. Follow this, by learning the ins and outs of search engine technology. With a clear understanding of how search engines and internet advertisers operate, you’ll begin earning, something aptly named “passive income”, within a short amount of time.
  • Gardening Service: This is a career for people who enjoy working outside and don’t mind getting a little dirty. A gardening service can be a cheap, but profitable business from home. To get started all you need is a pick-up truck, some gardening equipment and a telephone. Initially you’ll, no doubt, start with small – maintaining the gardens of neighbors – however, if you are skillful and not overly expensive you’ll soon have clients hammering on your door. For those who have little or no experience in gardening, yet still want to pursue this as a career, it might be wise to take some kind of gardening course  to familiarize yourself with the dos and don’ts of basic horticulture. As your business expands you’ll have to make adjustments like adding a website, advertising on gardening websites, as well as home improvement magazines and stores. Within a year, you’ll definitely be on your way to a sanguine gardening future.
  • Freelance Writing: This is a job for those who enjoy writing. All that is required, to start, is a computer with an internet connection and a positive attitude. If you are a skilled writer, you may be able to pick up freelance writing work for magazines or even newspapers. However, if your writing is not of a high standard, yet you wish to write, start a journal and write as often as you can. I personally keep a journal and write daily. Writing daily, improves your skills and within a short time, you’ll be one of those skilled writers you remember from school. Make sure you understand the syntax of your native language. Also, it is important that you understand grammar and the many other language points from your student days. Don’t worry, these grammar points, etc are in your head – they just haven’t been used while you were working in a factory or some other place – they just need to be “reactivated”. Once you have brushed up your writing skills search the Net for freelance writing work. Various website owners are constantly on the lookout for SEO (Search engine optimization) writers, doing this work with the help you hone your skills. Freelance writing is definitely a an excellent work from home that is easy and cheap.

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  • Internet Store: Why let the retail conglomerates hold a monopoly on internet shopping; this is a business easily started from home. First of all decide what you want to sell – clothing, foodstuffs or everything. Next, have a website built and display your goods and prices. If having a website built is too expensive, consider joining a company like the Japanese corporation Rakuten, which offers “store space” for wannabe shop owners. The rental for this internet space is quite cheap. After you have a regular flow of clientele, you might give some thought to having the aforementioned website built and going it alone.
  • Auction Store: Along the lines of the above internet store, an auction store is a store within one of the many auction sites competing on the world-wide web today. Sites like eBay, Yahoo auctions and so forth. Clearly this is a wonderful way to start a business from home. Again, as with the above internet store, you simply buy space within the auction, decide what you what to sell and you’re off and running. Naturally, you’ll be responsible for making sure the site is up-to-date and that all goods are actually available for bidding customers. It is important to remember, however, that companies like eBay takes a percentage of everything you sell. Still, that percentage is minimal.
  • Pet Grooming: People, for the most part, are lazy and if you were to open a pet grooming business out of your house, your finances, I believe, would boom. All you need is a van or pick-up and all the grooming gear needed to make customers happy with the hair cut you give their dog. For those without any experience grooming pets, it would probably be a good idea to take some sort of grooming course. As mentioned above people can be lazy; offering a home service would have answered the phone non-stop.
  • Interior and Exterior design: Who said you need to be an experienced interior/exterior designer in order to start your own business from home? All that is required is a creative flare mixed with common sense. Sure, if you want to add a bit of creditability, get yourself some sort of diploma, but ultimately it is your creative talents that are going to bring people to your website or call you. The beauty of this type of business is that there are next to no overheads; anything you recommend is paid for by the customer or client.
  • Sewing or Seamstress services: Probably the type of home business women would find easier than men; however, this is not to say men couldn’t do the work. Sewing is an art; it is not just a matter of sticking thread through a needle and darning a sock (No one darn socks in the 21st century). Sewing requires skill, creativity and patience. If you have a flare for sewing and other seamstress work, perhaps opening your own sewing home service is an idea. Indeed, making wedding dresses, suits, repairing clothing, designing new fashions and creating these fashion ideas, etc you will probably find rewarding. Again, if you put time into your work, you’ll make a name for yourself and will soon be someone people from all walks of life are giving you a call. Once you’ve established yourself, get a website and advertise your skills. If your skills are not high, look into learning the art from a skilled senior.
  • Recycling: Definitely a business to run from home for those who care about the environment. All you need to get started is a small truck. Initially drive around your part of town collecting items that people consider garbage but you know how to make use of that waste. Washing machines, TVs, computers, etc, all have copper and other precious metals inside; you’ll be able to make money recycling those metals alone. For items that are still in reasonably good condition, clean them up and re-sell them to folks that may be looking; university students setting up a house, for example, will jump to purchase a cheap washing machine.
  • Tee-Shirts: Tee-shirts these days are mostly covered with some sort of logo, idiom, or wise-crack, and it appear this type of uniqueness is here to stay. Tee-shirt designing is indeed a business that creative people really enjoy; custom-made tee-shirts for clubs or individuals. Printing unique tee-shirts is the key to a successful business, this is where your creative skills can blossom. There is definitely money to be made in the printing of designer tee-shirts. This business is very simple to set up at home, and if you’re a whiz at silk-screening, then half the battle is done.

Good luck to all that try one or more of the above ten businesses you can start at home, I hope you’re all successful.

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