How To Save Money On Pet Expenses

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For those who have a family pet, saving on pet expenses is no doubt a family budget priority. Indeed, whether you own a dog, cat, goldfish or parrot, pet care can be expensive. It goes without saying that having a couple of goldfish in a bowl in your living room is the cheapest type of pet. In fact, some may argue that a goldfish, or any fish for that matter, are not really pets; they are more like home accessories – something to look at when you’re bored.

Keeping a parrot or any other kind of exotic bird is also, in my opinion, a household accessory – unless you’re a pirate in which case a parrot is the standard pet to be sitting on your shoulder. Dogs and cats, however, are without a doubt the most common family pet. Needless to say, probably the most expensive to keep. So, how can we save money on pet expenses? How can we keep our dog or cat happy without having to spend too much money? Let’s review some methods.

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First of all, dog owners! Don’t be like Japanese dog owners who spend exorbitant amounts of money on their family mutt. Everything from specially heated kennels to doggy clothing. In short, Japanese pamper their pets. Always remember that no matter how cute, how smart or how loyal a dog is, it is just an animal and should be treated as an animal. Shelling out big bucks on dog accessories is just a plain waste of money. Saving on pet expenses means giving your dog, cat or bird etc, a safe and clean environment. It does not mean purchasing ridiculous “toys” and treating your pet like a recently crowned king or queen.

So, now that you’re not going to buy stupid accessories for your pet, how else can you save a few bucks on pet care? Pet food is an expense that can probably be cut by treating your dog or cat to an appetizing concoction made by yourself. In order to make your own pet food, first check out pet store websites or veterinarian websites and find out what type of food has the correct nutrients for your pet.

Once you have ascertained as to what is best for your dog, cat or sheep; head to your local supermarket and purchase some cheap vegetables and some low quality meat products. Take these purchases home and mix up a dish your dog cat or even your pet owl will find scrupulous. Canned dog or cat food is expensive unless you buy a minor brand. Minor brands of dog and cat food should not be considered bad for your pet. Indeed, more often than not these less known brands are just as good as the majors.

You can also save a great deal on pet care by not purchasing expensive odor cover-ups. Instead of spraying your dog’s kennel or cat’s basket, with some overly expensive spray that promises to hide all odors, clean the kennel or basket with some disinfectant on a regular basis. Wash the dog’s blanket, hose the outside of the kennel and raise the entire dog house a few inches above the ground to allow air to circulate; this will help lessen the smells.

You can also save on vaccines. In recent years, it has been reported that certain vaccines are not required annually; check with your local vet and find out which vaccinations are important and which are not necessary every year. Unless you have pet insurance, taking Fido to the vet for unneeded vaccinations can be quite expensive.

Finally, you’ll also save a great deal of money if, rather than purchasing a dog or cat, you adopt one. Animal shelters across the country are filled with homeless, unwanted dogs, cats and other pets. You could probably pick up a German Shepherd puppy for a very cheap price. There are also cases when a donation is all that the animal shelter requires.

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There are, no doubt, hundreds of other ways to save money on pet expenses, the above are a few that I hope you will find useful.

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