How To Save Money On School Uniforms

Posted by Ian on December-30-2011 under Save Money

Back to school! That’s the message displayed, in big red letters, on the windows of stores retailing school uniforms toward the end of summer vacation. Mothers, as well as some fathers, scratch their heads and wonder if there is a way in which they can save money on school uniform. Well, the good news is there are various ways to save cash on school duds. Let’s take a look at some methods of saving on school uniform.

  • Wait until there is a sale on uniforms. Now these sales aren’t exactly happening regularly, so you need to be ready. Unlike other types of fashion, school uniforms are only sold by certain stores and these stores are well aware of their importance at the beginning of another school year. Once the initial panic buying has subsided, uniform stores often drop prices in order to get rid of stock. When this happens, get in there and pick up a bargain. Make sure you take your child’s exact measurements to the store with you; this will add to the speed of your purchase.
  • Don’t be too proud to accept a secondhand uniform. This is possibility the most common way of saving money on school uniform. If a neighbor, a relative or a friend happens to have a child that pursuing studies from the same school your child is attending, the chances are he or she won’t need the uniform, and you’ll probably pick it up for nothing. Fix up any holes, take it to the cleaners and Walla! a uniform is ready for the next or first semester. You may also be able to pick up a cheap secondhand uniform from a secondhand clothing store or even the Salvation Army store – those guys have everything.
  • Home-made is another idea. If you are a person that is pretty handy with a sewing machine, knows how to make, and cut a pattern, then whipping up a school uniform for a cheap price, should be a piece of cake. First you should find out which material is used, and the design of the clothing; once all the “field work” is complete – start sewing.
  • The basics. Instead of buying three pairs of pants, purchase one or perhaps two. If your child needs a couple of blazers, buy the one that he or she will need the most (you can always buy another at a later date). If your child needs a tie, surely one is enough – you can wash and iron it on weekends. What I’m saying here is that there is absolutely no need to buy everything written on the uniform list the school mails to your home – purchase the basics. Now this may appear stingy, but in reality, it just spending wisely. Purchasing a school uniform frugally is not being stingy.
  • One final idea is to purchase a complete uniform on one of the auction sites that seem to be infesting the internet in recent years. You’ll find a uniform with all the bells and whistles for a cheap or reasonable price. Make sure the uniform you are interested in bidding on is in excellent condition.

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Good luck with your purchasing of a cheap school uniform or ways to save money buying a school uniform.

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