How To Save Money While Buying Kindle

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Here are some of the ways for How to save money while buying Kindle. Before purchasing Kindle, ask yourself whether you are an avid reader or not. Kindle is worth a hefty $359 and is it really worthwhile for the average college students and the readers or not.

Savings for a college student

Let’s consider that all textbooks and reference material that students need is available on Kindle. The average cost for textbooks (both new and old or a combination of both) would be approximately $360. In case they have purchased all the books on Kindle, then they would be spending $234. Therefore, the student is saving approximately $126 per semester or $1008 for 8 semesters. That’s a lot of savings on books. Even if, the price of the device was subtracted it would have been $649. That is a considerable amount of saving for the student over the college years.

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Savings for an average reader

Let’s presume that we bought books that are listed in New York Times Bestsellers and bought the 12 that were listed there. On Amazon, these hard cover and paperback books would cost approximately $170. While, on Kindle, it would cost approximately $110. This means that there is a saving of $60. Now if, you were to read books every month, then you can actually wipe out the cost of Kindle over a period of 12 months or the whole year. Ask yourself, are you a voracious reader, or just a person who needs to read the book once in a while. For those that read a book once in a while, it’s no use buying Kindle.

Consider buying a used one

If the current price tag is really hefty, consider looking for the used options or the refurbished options that are also available on Amazon. Before you purchase Kindle, ensure that it fits in with your budget.

Consider the subscriptions you have

If you subscribe to a number of journals and newspapers, then consider switching to Kindle as it does save money. Kindle also has packages available for purchase and offers them to the subscribers. The best part about Kindle is the fact that it doesn’t require any computer. Another consideration for purchasing Kindle is whether you have access to wireless network. While, in the US, most states provide wireless access at most public places, other countries may not have the same kind of set up. In that case, you would need an internet wireless connection to be able to access the books, journals and newspapers that are available on Kindle.

Look for these considerations before you purchase Kindle.

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