How To Save Money On Beer

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Here are some of the most simple ways to save money on beer. Alcoholic beverage prices are a real rise. If you see, even food prices are on the rise. With increasing food, beverages and beer prices on the price, people like you and me want to get the same stuff particularly at discounted prices. Already with the recession is hitting high, cost of living is making a huge dent in people’s saving. So here are some tips that you can actually use for this holiday season.

Ordering From Discount Websites

There are quite a few ways of saving money on beer. Sites such as have amazing deals on which people can save money on beer. All you need to do is just type in the zip code and this will show the beer retailers in the area that have a beer on discount prices. There are more than 100,000 such deals that are posted daily on the website.

Drinking Out Less

While this may not be a viable option every time that you step out, surely at times, this can be implemented. Do try to limit the beer intake to really low as this can cost a lot of money at the restaurants. Even a recent study by the National Survey of Restaurants Owners have found that there has been a drop by 33% of those people who have ordered a drink with their meals (this includes beer drinkers also).

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Drink Domestic Produce From US

While you may love the foreign beers, there are a number of domestic US beer brands that are a lot cheaper and even great to taste. Therefore, lose the snob part and opt for the domestic liquor industry. It, definitely, is much cheaper as compared to the foreign brands. Many of the states have their own special brands and look for these brands rather than reaching out for the international brands.

Look For Store Special

One of the best ways to attract customers has been always the alcohol sale. Get the beer cartons at home and store them, so that you don’t need to rush out every time, you have a party at home. The store specials and discounted prices can really save you quite a few bucks over a period of time easily. Why not implement it and save money? Some stores have special weekdays on which alcoholic beverages are on discount. Scour the newspapers for such deals and make the most of it.

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