How To Save Money On Baby Care

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From the moment, a young wife announces to her young husband, “I’m pregnant”, both begin to prepare and save money on baby care. Many couples make a list of things to buy and at the top of this, list is usually a crib, or, as they say, in UK, a cot. The next expense is usually diapers – a lot of diapers. Back in the old days, mothers used cloth diapers, and that were washed and used time and time again; it wasn’t unusual to see diapers hanging on washing lines in the backyards of many young married couples. Nowadays, however, cloth diapers are rarely used –  paper disposable diapers are far more convenient. Milk was another baby care purchase that goes on the list followed by clothing.

There was a time when vanity was the main reason for many young mothers to refuse breast-feeding – fear of being saddled with saggy breasts was unbearable. However, breast-feeding is quite common these days as many mothers realize that mother’s milk is healthier than formula. There are, sadly, some women that are unable to breast feed and thus these mothers need to rely of powdered milk formulas. As you can imagine, a baby in the house can be an expensive addition; however, there are ways and methods to save on baby care. Let’s take a look at some ideas that are available.

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  • Second-hand clothing and crib: Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “Second-hand? Are you nuts!?” However, second-hand doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality or cheesy. Indeed, you can pick up some great  second-hand deals; a crib, for example. Once a baby becomes too big for a crib and has to start using a bed many parents store the crib in the attic or sell it. Interestingly couples that store the crib are usually planning more kids. Clothing also is often in good condition even though it is second-hand; you can pick up shirts, bibs, socks and other baby wear for excellent prices. If saving money on baby  clothing is what you want, second-hand to the way to go.
  • Formula and diapers: One of the best ways of purchasing these two important items is by joining a “baby Club” at you local supermarket. Indeed many stores offer coupons to mothers allowing them to purchase powdered formula and diapers at cheaper prices. You should also be on the lookout for specials at other stores in your area. For example, you may find discounts on such brands of diaper as Pampers at a local drug store. Baby money-saving schemes can often be found in your morning newspaper in the form of coupons or advertisements for upcoming store bargains. You don’t necessary have to purchase brand name products either. Consider buying a minor brand of diapers, for example. Switching formulas, to a cheaper brand, is also acceptable as long as you check the ingredients on the can. You should also check out the manufacturer’s website prior to purchasing.  If a cheaper brand has no website or the ingredients on the can are abstruse, do not buy the product – remember your baby’s health is far more important than saving a few bucks on baby items.
  • Make your own food: Baby food is expensive and you’ll be surprised how quick your baby munches his or her way through it. Save money by making your own baby food. There are numerous cookbooks and the like that give you step-by-step instructions on how to create delicious treats for your new-born. Fruit-mixes, for example, are recommended by some experts as a way of introducing babies to solid food. With this in mind, mix up a few combinations and store some in your refrigerator ready to be used at a moments notice. Their a various experts with websites where you can find baby food recipes for, not only the aforementioned fruit-mixes, but also a slew of other healthy dishes that will bring a smile to your baby’s face and keep dollars in your pocket.
  • Buy in bulk: You’ll save a bundle on baby care products if you buy in bulk. Don’t go to your local store and buy a couple of packs of diapers, go to places like Costco and buy 50 packs of diapers. The same goes for other baby items bulk buying will save you a great deal on baby care goods, in the long run.
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There are, no doubt, many other money-saving ideas and ways on baby care all it takes is a little common sense.

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