How to save money setting up a home office

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So, you’ve been working for the man (or woman) for too long and you think it is about time you broke away and set up your own business – good for you. Obviously, initially you’re going to have to save money setting up your home office until you start hauling in some serious cash.

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Working out of a home office, of course, depends on the business you’re opening. But let’s say, for the sake of argument, that having an office in your home will not be a problem. What you do need is to get the wherewithal to furnish a home office. Let’s take a look at various ways and means of setting up your office without having to grovel to a suspender-wearing bank manager with an attitude.

  • Deciding the best room in your home is important. You want the room to be easily accessed but at the same time, not by the neighbor’s kids. You also want the room to be reasonable quiet – a room where you can read, write, have conversations and think without having to yell, at those same neighborhood kids, to shut up. Choosing a room with carpet is another good idea as carpet “sucks” up noise and also adds to the warmth during the cold months of winter. The size of this room should be larger enough to accommodate at least two middle-sized desks; make sure there is ample space between them. Space for office equipment is another consideration – it is important not to let your home office become cluttered. Chairs and a sofa are also recommended. You’ll, not doubt, be having visits from clients or customers; make them feel welcome.
  • Procuring office equipment can be expensive however, there are ways in which you will be able to save a bundle on office equipment. If you purchase new computers, faxes, copiers, etc, you’re going to be hit with invoices you don’t want to see or even think about – money is tight. Bearing in mind that you lack the finances to spurge, give some thought to leasing the latest gear. Leasing will allow you to make use of modern equipment without having to pay for maintenance. You may also be able to acquire reasonable rental rates – shop around. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t mind older equipment, consider purchasing secondhand refurbished office gear; a computer that has recently had a make-over, a photocopier that has been through a maintenance workshop, a printer which has had its inner workings renewed; a fax machine that, though old, still works. You’ll be able to find these office machines in secondhand office supply stores, online at auction sites like eBay as well as other sites like Craig Lists. You may even try your luck visiting companies which are closing down or moving to a new location – often these firms purchase new equipment rather than ship the old. You can also save on setting up a home office by purchasing supplies and equipment in stages; probably the most important item will be a computer, buy one first and then build from there.
  • Office furnishings are, like the above office equipment, able to be purchased or leased. If it is contemporary and fashionable you want, you’re best to lease. On the other hand, if secondhand will suffice, check out the internet or secondhand stores. Make sure that whatever desk you purchase is sound and looks as if it’ll give you years of support. Another way of saving on office furnishings is to purchase a desk, etc from a home center.  Do-it-yourself kits sets for desks, tables and other small furniture items are easily constructed and, if put together correctly, should give you years an office service.

You can also check out other money saving tips like using internet to save money, saving money on advertisement, and keeping track of your expenses.

The above three points will enable you open your new home office without putting yourself overly in debt. As the money starts rolling in and you’re able to replace that 1997 Toyota with a brand new Chevy Corvette, you might also look into buying some new furniture and other office equipment. Initially, saving money while setting up your home office is important.

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