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Pet lovers around the world are always on the lookout for ways to save money on pet food. Whether you have a dog, cat, bird or mongoose; feeding the creature costs money. Some pets are easier to feed than others for example; if you happen to have a pet sheep, all you have to do is let it munch on the grass in your background. The aforementioned mongoose is also, no doubt, an easy pet to feed.

Saving money on food for pets is very important during times of economic downturn. The vast majority of city dwellers don’t have a pet sheep in the backyard and panic at the thought of having to buy live snakes for a mongoose; indeed, city folk tend to go for the more conventional pet; namely, a dog or a cat. So, what are some ways in which we can save cash on pet food?  Let’s see what is available.

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I would hazard a guess that the cheapest way of saving on pet food is to make it yourself. If, for example, you have a dog check out what is recommended for the mutt to eat. You can get this information either off the internet or by swinging-by your local veterinarian hospital on your way home from work. Once you understand what a dog requires in its diet, you only need to head to the supermarket and pick up the ingredients.

Make sure you buy in bulk – don’t buy vegetables and meat for only one dog meal, you’ll be wasting your money instead of saving it. With a month’s supply of materials, mix everything up and store enough for one meal, in zip-lock bags and place them in your freezer. Each morning, take one bag out, let it thaw then at feeding time, drop your pre-mixed doggie delight into the dog’s food bowl. Remember, it is cheaper to buy in bulk.

Another money saving idea is to visit retailers that specialize in pet food. Stores like PetsMart, for example. It is at distributor’s like this you’ll find bargains on all kinds of pet food – perhaps even the above mentioned mongoose. It is also at large pet food stores that you will find discount coupons on various types of pet food. For example, you may find coupons for specific pets or for the full range of family pets.

Coupons can also be found in newspapers or pet magazines, so keep your eyes out. Pet food manufacturers are another sources of discounts. instead of buying from your local supermarket or pet food store, stay home and visit the manufacturer’s website. It is quite common to find a manufacturer offering deals on the pet food they produce. There are also times when a manufacturer sells a new brand of food for a very cheap price prior to the product going on the market – this is similar to getting tickets to a movie preview before it’s released.

If you only want to shop for pet food at the supermarket, steer clear of brand-name products. Buying a lesser known brand is not going to put your pet’s life in danger. All you have to do is make sure the ingredients are written on the can. The big name brands rarely offer discounts because they play on their reputation as a leader in pet care; it is an advertising scam that seems to beguile a great many people.

If it is meat you want to buy, visit a butcher and purchase hearts – sheep or cow hearts, to be exact. Hearts are usually cheap and if not sold, are thrown out by the butcher. Once you’ve got the hearts home, boil them for a couple of hours to kill any germs or insects that may have set up home. Once the hearts have been boiled, feed them to your pet, it’ll love you.

You can also check out other money saving tips like using the Internet to save money, money saving iPhone apps and how to keep track of your expenses.

The above are a few ways of saving money on pet food, there are probably many other methods, I hope the above are helpful.

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