Five Money-Saving iPhone Apps

Posted by Ian on September-26-2011 under Save Money

Before I recommend five money-saving applications for iPhone that I’m sure you’ll find useful, let’s briefly look the origins of this particular 21st century invention. The iPhone began to be developed back in 2005 under the direction of Apple Corporation’s Steve Jobs.

It was 2007 when the first iPhone exploded onto the market becoming a phenomenal, instant success. Thousands scrambled get one of these new generation communication devices as sales of standard cell phones began to dwindle. Consumers were fascinated with the mind-boggling options iPhone had (and still has) available to users.

This fascination led to other software companies and individuals designing “apps” for iPhone users; “apps” became the standard lingo for “applications”. Over the years, the number of apps available has increased staggeringly with most designed for convenience and fun.

If you are an iPhone user, I’m sure you are always on the lookout for free or cheap money-saving iPhone apps that are designed to make your life a little bit easier. Ideally having apps that save you money are the best to have and with that thought in mind, let’s look at five handy, cheap, albeit free apps that certainly are useful.

  • Nuance’s “Dragon Dictation” – Naturally Speaking: This voice recognition app records your voice at natural speed. As you speak your words are displayed on the screen. When you finish recording, you have the option of editing what you said – adding or deleting information. The text of your recording may then be emailed or uploaded to a social network site.The app is able to record and display various languages making it the ideal app to have for the vision-impaired.

skype iphone

  • Skype”: Clearly this is one of the most free convenient apps for both iPhone and a computer. The option of calling other Skype users around the world and speaking for as long as you want for absolutely no fee, is certainly the app’s biggest draw. Skype even allows you to call the land-lines of friends or family that may not have moved ahead into the 21st century as fast as you. If you do call a land-line, however, there is a small fee. Skype also allows you to type messages to friends, have conference video calls with up to four people at one time and update your Facebook page. As mentioned above, a most convenient app and recommended download.


find my iphone

  • Apple’s “Find my iPhone”: the app name is self-explanatory. If you ever lose your iPhone or it is stolen, using this free app you will be able to locate the phone speedily; the app uses Google maps to pin-point where you phone is. Simply find a computer, an iPad or an iPod enter your Apple ID and within a few seconds you’ll see the whereabouts of your phone. The app gives you the options of either causing the phone to ring or erasing all data. Obviously this is a real money saver, much like the above Skype.



  • XE.Com’s “XE Currency: Ideal for those situations when you need to convert one currency to another. With XE Currency, you’ll never need to carry a pocket calculator again. The next time you’re shopping, abroad, you’ll not need to ask the commonly asked question of “How much is that in US dollars?”  XE Currency app also keeps you abreast of money rates from around the world; if you need to know what how much one dollar is to the Japanese yen. All one has to do is check this iPhone free app and you’ll know in seconds.


  • Toptable: The perfect app to use when you’re looking for a restaurant. Forget about the 20th century method of hauling out the Yellow Pages and searching for a good restaurant, let Toptable do the searching for you on your iPhone. The app is simple to use and allows you to , not only find a restaurant, but also reserve a table in the restaurant you choose. Indeed many of these dining establishments offer discounts to those who reserve through Toptable. Clearly for those that enjoy dining out at different restaurants, this app is something they should have within the options of their iPhone.



You can also check out other money-saving ideas like saving money on mobile phone bill, save money when buying a mobile phone and save money when buying a iPad.

The above iPhone apps are either free or require a minimal fee. Don’t hesitate, download one or more of these money-saving apps and join the 21st century.

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