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They’re not cheap, are they? Newspaper subscriptions, that is. I suppose it was inevitable that newspaper moguls would increase subscriptions; the internet has cost them a great deal of money and readership. Still, having the Sunday newspaper to read in bed on a rainy Sunday morning, is a whole lot better than than a computer. In the days of yore, before the advent of Google and others, subscribing to a weekly or daily newspaper was the norm in most households. Newspaper sales people would come ringing on the doorbells of people who had just moved into an area, “Are you interested in subscribing to one of our morning newspapers?” these smiling men and women would say, “Yes. thank you. how much per month?” folks responded.

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But those days have long past; the internet making its mark on society. The newspaper companies, however, continue to roll out the daily news. in order to attract and beguile the public into taking out a newspaper subscription. Newspapers have, these days, been “jazzed” up a lot more. The use of color pictures instead of boring black and white, attracts the public eye as well as tabloid newspapers focusing their reporting on scandals, celebrity news and sports. In the 21st century these are just some of the methods used to sell subscriptions to written news materials.

If you are one of the aforementioned people that still enjoys flicking the pages of a newspaper every morning, then I’m sure you’d jump at the chance to save money on your newspaper subscription. There are a number of ways for you to keep your hard earned money in your own pocket rather than the pockets of corporate America. First of all, look for coupons. These days one can find coupons for pretty much any consumer product and newspapers are no exception. There are instances throughout the year when newspaper companies, wanting to win back readers, offer coupons for one year subscriptions. If you see any of these bargain offerings – grab them you’ll save a bundle. Another way of acquiring a cheap newspaper subscription, is to ask the salesperson for a discount. Now, he or she is going to tell you that a discount is difficult and that the rules of the company are no discounts for any new subscribers, however, the truth is, discounts are always possible. Remember you’re the customer – be adamant.

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Saving money of magazine and newspaper subscription can also be achieved if you check out the auction sites on the web. Often you’ll find one-year subscriptions being auctioned off by the newspaper companies. These auction subscriptions can be bought for a very cheap price. Go ahead, check them out. If you happen to be a frequent flyer, airline companies also are known to offer discount subscriptions on such reading material as the New York Times and Washington Post as well as famous magazines the likes of Time, Newsweek and Sports illustrated. For those that don’t want to spend a dime, or perhaps only a few cents, you can save money on newspapers by reading news that is a day old, visit a news agent and purchase a day-old newspaper. Naturally, only do this if you don’t mind reading yesterday’s news. There is always the chance the newspaper dealer will sell or give you as many newspapers as you want for nothing or for a couple of pennies.

As you can see there are quite a few methods or ways of saving on newspaper subscriptions and all that is required is a little research, a little cunning and a little finger walking on the internet.

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