How to Save Money when Moving House

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Most of us at some point in our life have moved house. The reasons for pulling up stakes and moving to another location, range from wanting to live in a bigger, better more sound dwelling to having to move due to career decisions and changes. Young, single people almost always have to move for educational purposes or to attain their own independence. There are also people that have to move because of trouble with the landlord or the neighbors – or both. I remember moving out of my folk’s house. I was a young seventeen year old with a few dollars in the pocket of a pair of washed-out jeans. It was the seemingly hedonistic life of surfing everyday as well as sipping cool beers on the beach in the evenings, that caused me to announce to my parents I was moving; living with my family was not conducive to the lifestyle I wanted to lead. Myself and two other surfing buddies rented an old house across from one of the best surfing beaches in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand.

I soon learned, however, that moving house and home wasn’t cheap and the aforementioned few dollars deep in the pockets of my washed-out jeans, were soon reduced to a few coins. Over the years, through experience, I learned how to save money when moving house. Let me now pass on to you some great ways for you to keep those few dollars in the pockets of YOUR washed-out jeans.

Prior to moving make sure that the location you are planning on moving to is not too ritzy; always keep your budget in mind. This is important if you’re renting. If, on the other hand, you’re buying a house, go for it purchase the house of your dreams.

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If you are a family person, then you’re going to have to hire a moving company. Moving companies are not cheap and this is why it is always a good idea to shop around and get different quotes. Don’t choose the first moving company representative that arrives on your doorstep with a smile and a clipboard. After a rep has wandered through your house and has itemized everything, ask if it is possible to get a cheaper rate if you help the removers load the truck. Chances are the rep has never had anyone ask that question, so you’ll put him or her on the spot and may get a discount. You could also look into hiring a truck and driver only. Have a few friends over, on moving day, to help you load the truck. The driver has the choice of either helping you or sitting on his ass waiting until his truck is loaded; most driver’s will help.

This may seems silly, but packing and preparing your belongs a few weeks prior to moving, will also save you money. If the moving truck arrives at your place early in the morning and you don’t have everything ready to be thrown on the vehicle, the movers are going to be charging you by the hour as they sit in the truck smoking and talking about how much money each won in a bar raffle. I have witnessed people begin packing their gear the night before moving. Needless to say, on the day of the move things are forgotten,  misplaced and broken. In short general melee results.

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Probably the cheapest method of moving is to do it yourself. This entails either hiring a truck, borrowing a friend’s pickup or attaching a trailer to the rear bumper of your own vehicle and loading it up with everything from inside your house. You’ll need a few friends to help and with the promise of a few cool beers at the end of the day, you should find plenty of eager people willing to lend a hand. Bear in mind that this method is time consuming and will probably take you the better part of a full day to move all your belongings from one location to the other. The amount of time also depends on the distance between the old place and the new; obviously you wouldn’t do it yourself if you are moving to a different city – although it is still possible.

Personally, I would recommend doing it yourself if you are moving somewhere else within the same city. With friends helping you’ll be able to take your time and once finished; have an excellent excuse for a party. If, in the event, you are moving from one house to another across the street, move everything by hand. Sure you’ll make umpteen trips back and forth, but you’ll save a great deal of money.

The above methods are, for the most part, common sense and not really wonderfully “new” ideas. I hope, nevertheless, they are helpful and allow you to keep, the aforementioned few dollars, deep in the pockets of your own washed-out jeans. You might also give some thought as to why do you want to move. Is it work related, school related or just for a change of scenery? There are times when some of us have to move because a natural disaster like an earthquake – just ask the folks in Christchurch, New Zealand; many of them have to move.

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