How to Save Money on Milk

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People around the world are looking for ways to save money on pretty much everything these days; from trips abroad to the purchasing of bus tickets discounts are what consumers want. It is therefore, not surprising to learn that people are also on the lookout for ways to save money on daily supermarket items such as milk. Yep, you read that right – milk. That white colored liquid that grass munching cows around the planet, produce on a daily basis. Most of us take moo-juice for granted; it is a product that always seems to be in the refrigerator.

Think of the times you’ve reached for a cool beer only to find there’s no beer but plenty of milk. Why do we, the human race, depend on milk so much? It is because of this dependence, one never sees an unemployed cow. Milk is used daily by millions around the world: to fed a new born baby, that tall cold glass each morning before heading off to school, baking cakes, cookies and other sweets; mixed in our morning coffee or tea and so many other uses, it really is one of the staples.

save money on milk

It is because milk is so valued that most homemakers are always looking for bargains on milk. So, let’s look at some money saving ways of purchasing a carton or bottle of milk. First all, minor brands of milk are often sold cheaply at gas stations and dollar stores. Just because you are not familiar with the brand, doesn’t mean the milk isn’t good. Don’t forget to check the expiration date on the pack before you buy. You can also save a bundle by purchasing milk that is close to the “use-by” date.

Often stores, including supermarkets, drop the prices of items that are close to their expiry date. You can also save money if you buy two or three gallons of it. It is commonly known that buying products in bulk, saves you money. Milk, unlike some other dairy products, is able to be stored and used after opening for more than one week; it has something I call “food longevity”. Even after a week or more, milk can still be used in baking.

Powdered milk is also an option. Most people associate powdered milk with babies or third world countries, however, this synthetic form of the product tastes very much the same as the real deal. It also contains the same nutrients as its liquid cousin. The only reason the aforementioned babies and third world countries use powdered milk is because this form of the product is easier to store and ship; for babies it has a higher percentage of nutrients. It is, however, advisable to mix powdered milk with water and place it in the fridge the night before you drink it; no one likes warm milk, no one except a baby perhaps. Powdered milk can be found on sale in various baby stores as well as on supermarket shelves. Using powdered milk a long with regular milk and you’ll save.

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Most supermarket shoppers, these days, visit various stores in their search for commodities; following the bargains and sales seems to be the standard practice. It therefore, only makes sense to visit various supermarkets to find which store is selling milk the cheapest. granted you may have to go to one store one day and a completely different store the next, but you’ll be purchasing milk at cut prices. Another great way of saving on milk costs is to go straight to the source.  If, for example, you happen to know a farmer or are living next to a dairy farm, wander over and ask if you can buy a few gallons of unpasteurized milk – straight from the udder. The farmer will probably let you have a couple of gallons pretty cheaply.

If you like the taste of fresh, direct-from-the-cow milk perhaps you could consider buying your own cow; you’ll need the calf as well. You will also be killing two birds with one stone if you purchased your own animal; there be no need to mow the front and back lawns any more and you’ll have a constant source of milk until the animal dries up. When that day arrives, there’ll be enough steaks to have BBQs throughout the summer.

Purchasing cheap milk is quite easy and it doesn’t take a law degree from Harvard to find the bargains. Use your common sense and stock the fridge with a few cartons of milk.

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