How to Save Money on Infant Food

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Some people call it infant food while others name it baby food, whatever name you use this food is not cheap. Food for an infant is often not thought about until after the new family member arrives home from the hospital. The new Dad doesn’t think about the feeding of his new son or daughter he is just overjoyed to see and be with the fruits of his loins – his new baby. Even mom hasn’t really given much thought about feeding the new addition to the family. Indeed, for many months, the new baby will drink nothing but milk – either breast or powdered. After the initial few weeks of smiles and seemingly endless processions of visitors bearing infant clothing and wanting to “see the baby!”, the new parents must look for ways to save money on baby food. As mentioned above, initially the new-born will only suck on milk, therefore, for the first six months to one year, mom with be switching breasts every few hours or purchasing milk powder.

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Powdered milk is not as cheap as you may think, however, if you shop at stores that cater for babies, you’ll probably find that this type of milk is not as expensive as it is in your local supermarket. You could also look into buying powdered milk that isn’t a name brand or perhaps not a widely known name brand. Many mother’s mistakenly believe that famous brand names, of powdered milk, are better for their child. This is a misconception, other not-so-well known brands, are just as good for your child as the more famous and expensive products. Don’t be afraid to shop around and purchase, not only a less expensive brand, but also one that is good for your baby.

After sometime, your baby will begin to eat solid food, aptly named “solids”. This is when purchasing infant food can get expensive. It is recommended, by some, to start your baby on cereals; gradually adding different additions to the mix. For example: start with a simply porridge and after a week or so, add a piece of fruit or some other “extra” ingredient. Make sure that the mix is soft – very soft – remember a small baby doesn’t have teeth and thus has yet to learn the art of masticating. Making use of a blender is an excellent way of shredding vegetables and fruit into small, easy-to-eat mouthfuls. It is also recommended that grains, such as rice, be included in the baby’s solid’s diet.

Purchasing regular baby food online is also a lot cheaper than buying it from the supermarket. There are many websites that offer bulk sales for very reasonable prices. One particular website that seems to carry all kinds of infant nourishment at reasonable prices is “Super Baby Food”. Flicking through the web pages of this site one will surely be able to pick up some great deals on food for babies.There is also the aforementioned baby store which has, more than likely, various inexpensive jars of infant food that will suit the palate of a growing baby. Coupons for baby products, are also available for those who are frugal. At the coupon website BuyBuy Baby, one is able to purchase baby food coupons for very reasonable prices. Indeed, using coupons you’ll be able to stock up on jars of infant food that will last you a few months.

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If you happen to be clever in the kitchen, I’m sure you’ll be able to mix up your own types of infant food “solids” and save a large amount of money. The first thing you should do is learn which ingredients are important for a growing baby to have – mixing up various concoctions, without first checking, may be detrimental to the baby’s health. Once you are in-the-know of what a baby needs, spend a few hours in the kitchen making your own baby food. If your baby likes it, then there’s a strong chance, hundreds of other babies will like it and soon you’ll be receiving orders. Within a short time you’ll have a new business.

To find and purchase reasonably priced and healthy baby or infant food, spend time searching for the bargains. Don’t rush out and buy the first product you see, you’ll be sorry if you do. With patience and perseverance you’ll find the right product at the right price.

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