How to Save Money on Daily Office Commute

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Save money on the daily trip to the office is what most, if not all, office workers strife to do. Although public transportation is generally cheaper than using your own set of wheels, there are times, however, when it is inconvenient. Some companies today pay employee transportation costs; indeed this is the norm in Japan. Most Japanese office workers purchase a one month, three month or six month public transportation pass and the cost of these passes is returned to the employee in his or her monthly paycheck.

You may wonder how a company that is paying the transportation costs of hundreds, if not thousands, of employees is able to make a profit; the answer is government tax concessions. This is standard practice in Japan, no one really thinks about the money spent on trains, planes and automobiles, as the company has it all covered. It is the freelance worker or the self employed worker that must shell out for public transport. So what about these countries or companies around the world that don’t pay for an employee’s daily commute? If you are one of the thousands or millions of office workers in this planet of ours that has to pay their own way, then the following may aid you in saving money on your daily traveling.

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It goes without saying, that if you live around 30 minutes from your office; you’ll be able to get to work in 45 minutes riding a bicycle. Yes, I can vouch for cycling – I do it everyday. It is, without a doubt, the cheapest method of getting to your office and saving you money on your daily commute. There are downsides to riding a bicycle however, the weather being the main one. If it is raining you’re going to get soaking wet, if it is hot and humid, you’re going to sweat and if it is freezing cold, you’re going to have to rug-up. OK, so those were the disadvantages of cycling, here are the advantages: you’ll keep yourself in shape (that spare tire around your middle with disappear), you’ll be able to take in the sights of your city and learn just how beautiful it is, you’ll not have to rush home on the last train if you’re out for dinner some place and finally, the most important aspect of cycling is that it is good for the environment. Before you say, “Cycling? that’s not me!”, hold this thought – riding along the road on a beautiful spring day feeling the warmth of the sun on your face, the different aromas of spring flowers tickling your nose and a gentle wind bringing harmony into your life. Now, do you want to rethink the bicycle?

If, in the event, you live far from your work place, then car-pooling is another option that’ll save you money on commuting. You could contact your neighbors or if there are colleagues that live in your area, give them a call and arrange a car-pool. Many mothers with children, make used of this money saving system to ferry their kids to school every morning (if the school bus is not a practical mode of transport). To create your car- pool, consider putting an advertisement in your local newspaper or spreading the word the old fashion way – by word-of-mouth. You’ll find there are many people, like yourself, looking for ways to save money commuting. Most car-pools use one person’s vehicle one week, another person’s vehicle the following week and so on. Gasoline costs are covered by all.

For those of you that would prefer to stick with public transport, you can still save money by purchasing cheaper rail tickets or looking for ticket coupons or special prices. Another idea is to get off the train a few blocks earlier and walk to your office; will not only save you a few dollars each day, but also get some exercise. Even in bad weather, all you need is an umbrella. Making use of public transportation can be cheap if you are frugal and look for the bargains on tickets, etc. The aforementioned train passes are probably a lot cheaper – in the long run – than paying for tickets daily.

You can also check out other money saving tips like how to save money advertising and saving money on newspaper subscription.

There are probably other ways of saving money on daily commutes to the office, I’m sure you’ll find a way. Give some serious thought, however, to throwing your leg over the saddle of a bicycle and riding into work – trust me, you’ll love it!

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