How to Save on Home Improvements

Posted by Ian on August-20-2011 under Save Money, Save Money on Home

We all remember the American classic sitcom from the 90s, “Home Improvements”. Each week the show’s star, Tim Allen, would give us handy do-it-yourself hints on how to transform your house into a wonderful home. Although the show was a comedy, the message of do-it-yourself was reinforced and is, without a doubt, the best way to save on home improvements.

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There is a feeling of accomplishment if you are able to make improvements on your home yourself; to stand back and admire one’s handy work is always a treat. So, how does one go about being frugal with improvements to their home? The following are some ideas gleaned from various sources that will allow you to keep money in your pocket instead of in the deep pockets of a professional contractor.

  • Make sure you visit a reputable home center to purchase any and all equipment needed. Don’t go to a store that is not known or doesn’t stock the very best in tools and accessories.
  • For the Internet auction savvy, go online and bid for the materials you need; you’ll probably pick up some excellent home renovation materials at reason, if not cheap, prices.
  • Salvage some of the cabinets, tables etc, that you intend to throw out. You may be able to sell these things on the aforementioned auction site. If you’re looking to purchase cabinets, tables, etc, visiting a auction or scanning what is available on Craig’s List, is another way of picking up a bargain.
  • If you do happen to hire a tradesperson to do the work, save money by preparing the work area; you may not be able to hammer a nail, but I’m sure you can strip paint and do other rote work.
  • For those are they pretty good at flicking a paint brush back and forth; once the work is completed by a professional, save added costs on home improvements by doing the painting yourself.
  • Installing electrical items such as air conditioners, should be done in the early fall when the price for these necessary machines drops dramatically. This means that you should always consider the best time of year – from a financial prospective as well as climate prospective – before you start slapping paint, banging nails and ordering state-of-the-art air conditioning systems.
  • Should you be one of these people that enjoys doing your own home repairs and renovations, but often need help with the job, make sure you asked someone with the same, or higher, level of skills that you yourself have. The last thing you want to do is ask a friend to help you who doesn’t know the difference between a nail and a screw or a paint brush and a toothbrush. Don’t over-work yourself.
  • Plan your working day, so that you’re not burnt out at the end of each day’s work. Most home handymen and women, perform home repairs and changes during their vacation periods. Make sure you’re not so tired that you can’t enjoy your vacation at some point. In short, don’t rush the job – you’ll only make mistakes that could end up costing you more.

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The above ideas are just a few of many other ways or methods in which to save a few bucks on home improvements. Visiting a home center is another way of gleaning ideas and pieces of advice. These stores have trained, skilled staff that will be of great assistance to you. You will not only save money, you’ll learn a great deal also. Good luck and happy renovating.

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