It is every young married couple’s dream and after years of saving, most are able to realize that dream – a house of their own. From the moment the couple returned from their honeymoon on some tropical island, they began to save for a home in which to raise a family. Finally, with the wherewithal in the bank, they  set off on their house hunting expedition. They visit real estate office after real estate office and spend weeks, sometimes months, searching for a place to call their own. Most couples are, initially, unaware that there are some estate agents that are not exactly the most honest people on the planet. Indeed many naive young couples have purchased homes that, unbeknown to them, are in dire need of major repairs. These newlyweds fell in love with the idea of having their own house, rather than seriously investigating and researching the property. It is therefore, important to keep a few things in mind, prior to shelling out big bucks for a house. Let’s take a look at some of points you should keep in mind when buying a house.

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First of all, when an agent takes you to a house; walk around it and give it an amateur look-over. There are often tell-tale signs, that even a raw novice like yourself, will be able to notice. Things like sagging foundations, peeling paint, etc. Don’t let the realtor stop you from checking everything. If, for example, he or she tells you that the broken step you’ve noticed is going to be repaired the following week, make a note of what he or she said – if the step doesn’t get repaired, you’ll be able to mention it before signing to buy the house. When you take your tour of the inside of the home, check the floors; are they solid, is there any sign of rot, are any floorboards loose or bending, etc. The doors also should be checked. Make sure they close properly and are hanging straight. The next step is to visually check the plumbing. This doesn’t mean ripping pipes apart to check the inside, or flushing the toilet a hundred times to see if water clogs, it simply means casting your eyes along the pipes under the sinks and behind the toilet bowl. Remember that before you sign to buy this dwelling, you’re going to have professional builders or inspectors check the place in more detail. Your initial checking of the place is to show the agent that you’re not some easy mark that will fork over money at the drop of a hat. Purchasing a house is not unlike buying a new car – one must be sure.

If it is feasible, ask the agent if you could inspect the inside of the roof. The house, no doubt, has a built-in ladder to a loft or the inner roof. You should check to see if the roof is in good condition; the last thing you want is, after settling into the home, to find out that the roof leaks and you have to place saucepans in different positions throughout the house. Again, you are only doing a preliminary check; later you should have a professional give the place the once-over. Once you are satisfied that the structure of the house is sound, ask whether the walls and ceilings are insulated. You’ll save on electricity if the house is insulated; keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer. With the house checked thoroughly, take a walk around the backyard and front yard. Look for the tell-tale signs of negligent and flooding.

The above recommendations are useful if you are searching for an older home, however, should you be looking to purchase a home that has just been built, then it is important to be even more picky. Most people are under the delusion that a new house is perfect in every way simply because it is new. This is a mistake, as a new house has not had the wear and tear that an established house has. The “lived in” house has, in effect, experienced all kinds of people and environmental changes. A new house has yet to experience these things which is why you, as the buyer, must make sure the house is able to withstand everything thrown at it by Mother Nature. Don’t be fooled by the modern appliances that new houses come already fitted with. These are, in some cases, luxuries and installed to attract buyers. What you need to do is make sure the home, old or new, is safe and strong.

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These “keep in mind” points will ensure that the house you buy will indeed be a good purchase. It is always a comfort, when moving into a new place, to know that whatever happens in your life, your house and home will be the one place where you can find safety and peace. Young married couples who have or are about to purchase their first home, will feel also feel the security of their home after a few years of living there.

Good luck with your house hunting.

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