How to save money on Wedding Flowers

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Weddings are not a cheap affair. Whether it is a wedding in a grand hotel with a guest list in the hundreds or a small church wedding with a guest list of fifty; weddings are expensive. It is because of the expenses involved in planning and executing the perfect wedding, that many parents of the bride or groom are always on the look out for ways to save money. It can be a quandary for parents because although they want to save, they also don’t want to make the wedding seem cheap. One of the most expense wedding items are the flowers. Wedding flowers don’t come cheap, however there are various ways to save money on these color additions to the day’s festivities. The following are some ideals that will hopefully save you money on wedding flowers yet will not make the wedding look cheap.

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First of all, when visiting a florist to discuss the wedding, be up front about your budget. If the florist is under the impression that you have unlimited funds, she or he will, no doubt, arrange the most expensive flower bouquets known to the human race. It is therefore important that you stipulate exactly how much you are willing to spend on flower arrangements. Florists, for the most part, are clever and imaginative people and therefore, he or she will be able to produce flower bouquets that are perhaps cheaper than some of their other creations, yet still look wonderful and will add to the ambience of the day. Also, if the florist is aware of your budget restraints, she or he will probably recommend a less expensive type of flower for the bouquets. For example, red roses instead of white and so forth.

If you are planning a church wedding consider holding the ceremony immediately after Christmas or Easter. The reason is obvious, many churches are still be decorated with flowers from services during the Christmas and Easter periods, thus there will be zero expense on wedding flowers for the ceremony. Now this may sound very stingy, but if the church is already colored with an array of flowers, why change this beauty? Guests attending will not even notice that the flowers surrounding them are left-over from the festive season and will probably comment that the wedding planner has demonstrated excellent taste when selecting the floral displays. With this in mind, don’t plan to have your wedding on Valentine’s Day. Again the reason is obvious; florists purposely increase flower prices every February in order to take advantage of the annual day for lovers.

Picking your own flowers and decorating the church and reception center yourself, is another flower expense saving idea. If you have friends that grow flowers, ask he or she if they would like to make a donation of flowers to the wedding. Most flower growers will jump at the chance to display their finely grown roses, magnificent Acacias and eye-catching Asters. You may even be able to hold the ceremony in a friend’s flower garden, thus killing two birds with one stone. If you are planning your wedding reception at a wedding center, give some thought to asking the center whether any other wedding is schedule before or after your wedding. In the event there is another reception planned, see if you can contact a member of the other wedding party to discuss splitting the costs of wedding reception flowers. You’ll probably find that the other wedding party, like yourself, is looking for ways to save on wedding flowers.

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For table centerpieces consider using carnations as the main flower. It is rumored that carnations are the cheapest flower available pretty much all year round and bunched together in a bouquet, do look quite august. This, of course, depends on the style of the bouquet. You can save quite a lot of money designing and creating your own wedding centerpieces using flowers from your own garden or the aforementioned, friend’s garden; don’t be afraid to try. Wedding planners and florists are able to give you advice of the appropriate flowers as well as the design of the centerpieces. By all means listen to their professional advice, but remember it is your wedding and therefore is your chance to create something magnificent that will make the day special and unforgettable.

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