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“Summertime and the living is easy”, or so the song would have us believe and indeed the living really is easy. It is the season that sends people flocking to the beaches and swimming pools in droves. It is the season that has beer gardens and outdoor concerts patronized by, not only the young, but people of all ages. Summertime and the living is, indeed, easy. The summer months also have beach and swimming pool goers, lying in the sun, tanning their skin to a golden brown that, they hope, will make them the envy of others. This annual, natural sun-tanning however, is only able to be done during the long, hot and lazy days of summer; the rest of the year to get or maintain that golden girl or boy look, one has to head to a tanning studio or perhaps lie under a ultra-violet light at your local gym. If you happen to be one of the millions of people on this planet of ours that wants the tan but hates the beach and pool, then you’re going to have to get that sun tan at the aforementioned tanning studio or sun-tanning lounge. These places, however, are not cheap so one needs to find ways and methods on how to save money on tanning. Let’s take a look at some ideas that I have come up with.


1. Make use of the “points” system that many tanning salons offer. This involves paying in advance for various courses and receiving huge discounts based on the courses you choose. Many tanning centers offer “packages” and each of these packages allows you to buy points and the more points you purchase, the cheaper the price. I know it may sound confusing, but if you ask whether there is a point system, I’m sure the tanning salon’s staff will be able to explain it clearly and save you money. VIP programs also, while initially expensive, will save you money in the long run.

2. If you have the wherewithal, consider purchasing tanning equipment yourself and setting it up in your home. Granted the initial costs are not going to be cheap, but if you seriously want to maintain that glowing tan from the summer months, then your investment will pay for itself. It is also a good idea to purchase tanning lotions and other tanning aids, in bulk. Purchasing only a couple of bottles of suntan lotion will cost you more than if you bought 50 bottles.

3. If you do become a member of a sun tanning salon or club, make sure you create good rapport with the staff. If the employees get to know you well, you may find that you are able to get some discounts that would normally be difficult to get unless you paid extra. It never hurts to make friends wherever possible.

4. Take advantage of sunny, clear hot days by lying in the sun, soaking up the rays. There is no need to use a sunning tanning machine or light if the weather is nice enough to achieve your sun tanning goals the natural way. If you’re one of these people that enjoy sunbathing au-naturel then make sure your outdoor sunbathing activities are out of the sight of prying eyes – the last thing you want is to find a picture of yourself on the internet wearing nothing but a smile.

5. Joining a nudist group is a great way to get an all-over suntan. One must remember, however, that becoming a nudist isn’t an easy thing to do; shyness has to be left in the locker room. You’ll walk, talk, play and exercise with others completely naked. Fear not though, nudist, I hear, do not stare at each others body and fantasize. Joining one of these clubs or groups will certainly save you money on tanning and you’ll also make many new friends.

6. Another idea for saving money on sun tanning is to; if possible, get a job in a sun-tanning salon or studio. Although this may be a long shot, if you were able to score employment, tanning cost problems would be over. Indeed at the end of a busy day working, you would be able to relax in the sunbathing room soaking up as many ultra-violet rays as you want. Yes, working in a sun tanning salon certainly does have its perks.

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The above are six ideas on how to save money on tanning, I’m sure there are many other methods and ideas waiting for you to try. Always keep in mind that too much tanning can be bad for your skin so if you must sunbath or suntan, do it wisely.

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