How to save money on a pedicure

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Pedicures, like manicures, are foot and hand treatments that date back to the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Indeed, it is said that the Nile Queen Cleopatra herself, engaged in pedicures and manicures quite regularly. Since those ancient times, pedicures have tended to be associated with the wealthy and influential. In fact right up until the latter part of the twenty century, pedicures remained the luxury of the elite. It was in the 1990s that getting a pedicure was something no longer kept within the realms of high society – the average person could get pedicures whenever he or she wanted.


In the year 2000 there was something of a boom in pedicure treatment as the US Department of Labor recorded over 50,000 manicure and pedicure salons opened across the country; it appeared that every Mary, Shelia and Grace wanted a pedicure. Beauticians began to offering pedicure courses, colleges (in Japan) introduced pedicure and manicure certificate studies that had swarms on young innocent girls banging on college doors, willing to pay whatever it takes to get a pedicure “license”. Nowadays, the pedicure, like its sister the manicure, is a standard in any beauty or nail salon and those aforementioned 50,000 plus nail salons have, no doubt, doubled in number. Although the pedicure is now open to one and all, it can still be an expensive luxury unless you know how to save money on a pedicure; let’s take a look at some ways to save.

1. Clearly doing your own pedicure is going to save you a bundle in the long run. You will probably have to spend some money for the pedicure tools and perhaps to learn the various techniques involved, but once you have the knack, you’ll be performing pedicures like professional people and saving money at the same time.

2. If you are a skilled make-up or hair artist, have a friend give you a pedicure in exchange for make-up or hair styling. It goes without saying that your friend should know how to perform a pedicure and not someone who “thinks” they know how to do it. It might be a good idea to ask her to show you how she does a pedicure. Ask your younger sister, brother or another friend to be the guinea pig. It doesn’t have to be a complicated pedicure; easy, quick pedicures are fine.

3. As with manicures, perhaps you could arrange a pedicure and manicure party. Have several friends over and each person gives another a pedicure. Each month you move the party to a different house. Once everyone has had their feet pampered, get out a few bottles of wine and party – make a night of it.

4. If you volunteer to allow beauty school students to give you a pedicure, you’ll also save a great deal of money. These future professionals will bath, massage, cut and paint your toe nails and remove dead skin from the bottom of your feet at no cost. Don’t worry about these young inexperienced people screwing up; I’m sure there is an experienced teacher watching every move they make. You’ll leave the school with feet feeling refreshed and new.

5. If you insist on doing your own pedicure then purchasing all the pedicure products that are on sale is important. If you thumb through the pages of a fashion or healthcare magazine you’ll, more than likely, find coupons for various products including pedicure. Visiting online health stores, also, will allow you to purchase items at a cheaper rate. Auction sites like Ebay and Yahoo have pedicure and other health and body care products by the hundreds. If you search through the auction pages, you’ll find exactly the right gear at a price that is reasonable.

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It is important to note here, that a pedicure isn’t a treatment for the toe nails alone. It is an entire foot treatment and involves massaging the skin, cleaning between each toe; nail care – namely trimming, coloring and conditioning. There is also, the removal of dead skin from the balls of the feet using various abrasives and creams. If you understand what is involved in giving or receiving a pedicure, you’ll better understand why it is an expensive treatment but not so expensive that you can’t find a cheaper way. There are probably many other ideas or methods with which to save money on a pedicure. All that is really required is common sense and a great deal of research. I hope the above methods are helpful.

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