How to save money on a manicure

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The Manicuring of the hands and fingernails is not new; it is very old – ancient in fact. Historians are able to find evidence of the early Egyptians spoiling their hands and nails with this treatment – it is even rumored that Egyptian queen, Cleopatra often had her hands manicured. Clearly manicuring has stood the test of time as even today many women, and quite of few men, still visit a nail salon to have their hands and finger-nails manicured. Having a manicure, until recently, was always an indulgence that only the wealthy could afford. Nowadays however, it is a hand treatment that anyone from a corporate president to the janitor of a condominium complex is able to afford. This is not to say that getting a manicure is cheap – it’s not – nevertheless, in the 21st century countries around the world, are segueing into more egalitarian societies and the once financially out-of-reach manicure is now a luxury most women are able to enjoy.


As mentioned above having a manicure is still not cheap. There are still many nail salons that, consider themselves salons for the elite and thus charge incredulous prices. For those that don’t want to pay outrages prices for a nail care, the following are some ideas that will help you keep money in your pocket rather than in the pocket of an expensive nail artist.

  1. Obviously doing your nails yourself at home is going to save you a great deal of money. You may have to spend money on a manicure set and other tools in the long run, however, the savings made will see your initial investment returned. It is important to note that nail care is not simply a matter of cutting, filing and painting your nails, it is considered by many an art form therefore, make sure you know what you are doing.
  2. Arranging a manicure party is another method – this method is also a cheaper way of getting a pedicure. Gather as many friends together as you can and each person gives another a manicure. If you have one or two friends that have experience or are skilled at nail care, have these people act as instructors. This “manicure party” will save you a great deal of money and also give you a good excuse to have a lively drinking party once the manicuring activities are complete.
  3. If placing your fingernails and hands in the care of a nail professional is what you desire; search for nail salons that aren’t charging ridiculous prices. When you find a reasonably price store (and you will if you are patient) make sure to frequent the store often so as to gain some rapport with the staff. A good relationship with the nail care staff may lead to discounts. Indeed you may be able to attain some wonderful money-saving discounts.
  4. If there is a beauty school or beauty course at a college near where you live, make yourself, albeit your hands, available as a model for the students. Indeed allowing budding manicuring professionals to practice their skills on your nails is definitely going to save you money. Again, this method is also ideal if you want a cheap pedicure. You needn’t worry about these young people screwing up the beauty of your hands and nails, no doubt, these students would have a trained argus-eyed professional keeping tabs on their work.
  5. Another method of saving a few bucks on a manicure is to look for coupons and any other discount tickets. Often you’ll find nail treatment coupons in beauty magazines or next to the cash register at your local hair salon. Supermarkets and other retailers also have discount tickets or coupons that can be picked up for a couple of bucks. Coupons and tickets are usually placed in places that are not easily seen, so you’ll need to keep your eyes open. If the discounts are good, you can be sure others are going to snap up the ephemera quickly.
  6. Finally, decide if you really want or need a manicure. Don’t waste your money if you think your nails or hands are in good condition. Getting a manicure simply because you want one is a complete waste of money. This is a problem with many young girls; they’ll get a manicure and pay a large sum of money only to learn that it was unnecessary. If you are unsure, visit a nail specialist and ask if a manicure is recommended. Keep careful, however, remember nail care is a business; there are some nail care specialists that will take advantage of your innocence and recommend a manicure that will cost you an arm and a leg. Fortunately, most nail pros will be able to give you an honest opinion and not try to rip you off.

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The above are just some ideas for getting a manicure without having to pay dearly for the work. There are, no doubt, many other ways with which to save and all it takes is a little patience, a little research and common sense.

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