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It doesn’t matter whether you are a white-collar worker or blue-collar worker, there are times throughout the year when you must attend or help organize a work or office party. Christmas is probably the most common reason for a office party. There are however, other times of the year that some sort of office or factory get-together is arranged; a retirement, a promotion, a transfer and, believe it or not, when an employee has been fired. Some company bosses have been known to organize regular office parties as a way of thanking staff for their efforts. There are different types of office parties and they range from ordering a couple of cases of beer with snacks to arranging an assortment of alcoholic drinks with catered cuisine.

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If a cheap office party is what you’re after, simply order a few cases of beer and 20 bags of potato chips from your local supermarket, will save you money and planning. However if organizing an office get-together or party that will not be soon forgotten, is what you want, you’re going to have to spend time planning it. Let’s take a look at some ideas that may aid you in, not only organizing a cheap office party, but also a party that your co-workers and others will be talking about for months.

First of all, it is important that you remember that a work party is a fun event for everyone; it is not – or should not be – an event organized by you to score points with your boss. So, with those words in mind, get someone to help you organize this office event. Trying to do everything yourself will lead to you screwing up in some way. It is important to allow others, not only to help, but give you their ideas and requests. One method of acquiring someone’s help as well as getting input for others in the office, is to make up some sort of questionnaire and either display it on the bulletin board or pass it around the office. Doing this will prevent people whining or becoming upset if the party is not to his or her liking. For example, if you ask what type of food should be ordered, have each person write their request. If there is a mixture of tastes, you’re going to have to make the final decision. Make sure, however, that you explain to all, why you chose that particular menu.

The venue for this party is another factor that needs to be thought about. Depending on finances, you might consider having the party out of the office; at a restaurant, a club or some other place. The reason for this is that a different atmosphere, other than the office, allows people to relax easier. There is also the fact that you won’t have to clean up after. For the most part and generally owing to a lack of money, office parties are usually held in the office. Obviously holding a social event  in the office is going to be a lot cheaper than in an outside venue and it is, nevertheless, possible to arrange a real shindig that all will enjoy. Indeed cheap office parties don’t necessarily mean bad office parties.

To save money on your office or factory party, you might first, ask each person to contribute a couple of dollars for booze and food. If your company has a social fund or you are able to dip into the petty cash fund, by all means make use of it. Before you order alcohol, ask each person what he or she would like to drink. Follow this by calculating how many bottles, cans, etc you will need per person – no doubt beer will be the most requested. There is no need, for example, to purchase ten bottles of Bourbon or any other hard liquor; depending on the number of attendees, two or three bottles will probably suffice. You can also save money by not having drinks and food delivered; stores will charge you extra. Instead, prior to the beginning of festivities, you and your helper, drive to the store and pick up all booze and food needed.

It is common for music to be played at parties, however, you may find that music tastes vary greatly among your colleagues. Some may like Lady Gaga’s music while others can’t abide it. It is therefore important to have a varied selection of artists; including music requests in the aforementioned questionnaire, is a good idea. You could also ask attendees to bring their own music, this will lessen the inevitable arguments in front of the CD player.

As with any party, there is always someone that drinks too much and becomes a nuisance. Make sure to get people who become obnoxious, out of the party quickly – he or she will only ruin a great evening. It is always a good idea to ask someone to be “on the wagon” for the evening. Asking a woman not to drink is a lot easier than asking a guy to refrain – women have more common sense when it comes to DUI. This non-drinker could act as “bouncer” and perhaps driver at the end of the evening. If driving every drunk home is not something relished by the non-drinker, order a couple of taxis.

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There are many other ways and means of saving money on a office party or get-together, all it takes is a little common sense and imagination. Have a great night.

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