Tips on how to Organize a Garage Sale

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Has the home garage sale become an anachronistic method of getting rid of the accumulated junk that is ubiquitous around our homes? Indeed internet auction sites like Ebay make it possible for all of us to make money without having to go to too much bother. The answer to this question is; No. The home garage sale will always be part of our society and although it may not be as frequently seen as it once was, it is definitely never going to disappear. When do people usually hold one of these yard sales? You would be hard pressed to find a home sale in the middle of winter – no one wants to leave their house during the cold. The best time, albeit, most popular time for a garage sale is spring; right after spring cleaning. If you’ve never had a garage sale, perhaps a few tips on how to organize a successful garage sale will come in handy.

The first thing is to spend a few days sorting out what you want to sell. Have your family members sift through their belongings; purging anything he or she doesn’t want. Keep in mind that you’re not going to sell anything for a good price, if it is in need of repair – this includes clothing. If, for example, you have an old alarm clock that you no longer need, make sure it still has its tick and tock. One of the most important garage sale tips is to make sure everything you sell is worth the asking price; you don’t want to be accused of being a “rip off”. The organization of a garage sale should be done thoroughly and for this reason it is always a great idea to organize and run it with friends or neighbors. This also allows you to split advertising costs and offer more to sell. Ask your friends and neighbors to sort through their own belongings and contribute to the sale. Having friends help will also allow you to take a break from time-to-time during the day.

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It is very important to select an ideal weekend or day when you know you will be able to attract a large number of “shoppers”. This means having a garage sale in the middle of the week, is not wise – in fact it is plain dumb. The best days are the weekend days of Saturday and Sunday. People are, for the most part, off work and thus often do their weekly shopping on these two days. Once the weekend day or days are decided, select an area in front or next to your house to set up the business. Many ideas for organizing a garage sale guides or manuals, will recommend using your home garage and erecting wooden collapsible tables on which to place items. Keep items for sale in groups, is another fundamental point to remember. If you are selling tee-shirts, for example, keep them all together and accessible. I suppose keeping items together is an obvious thing to do, however, I mention it purely as a reminder.

When listing item prices, make sure the price is easily displayed as well as easily read. If you have bad hand writing, consider getting someone with neat writing to write prices. Or, you could, make use of a computer and printer to create colorful price tags. Bear in mind however, that using a computer and printer, will be an added cost. Advertising is another one of the important garage sale tips. A couple of weeks prior to opening day; walk your neighborhood distributing flyers in mail-boxes is an easy way to get the neighbors drifting over to your house to see what is for sale. If your town or neighborhood has a local newspaper, perhaps you could take out a simple ad. Usually these small newspapers don’t over-charge and often cover a large area. If you’re a student, either high school or college, spreading the word around campus will have your friends and other class-mates stopping by. Painting signs or small billboards and taping them to trees or lamp-posts so that drivers are able to see and read carefully the date of you garage sale, is another method of advertising.

You are also going to need bags and other containers in which to wrap items after they’re bought. With this in mind, start collecting grocery bags and other types of bags. If you’re diligent, you’ll be able to collect hundreds over the space of a few weeks. Whenever you mother goes to the supermarket and arrives home to begin stocking the cupboards and fridge, keep the empty grocery bag. If your father buys a newspaper every morning on his way to work, ask him to bring it home in the evening – you can wrap items in newspaper. In fact, save all kinds of wrap; you’re going to need as much as you are able to lay your hands on.

On the day of your garage sale, make sure you wear some sort of pouch or fanny-pack around your waist. Having one of these bags will allow you to move about without fear of money dropping out from your pockets. When you need to give change, dipping into a pouch is so much easier than shoving your hand into the pocket of a pair of skin-tight Levis. If you do happen to enjoy wearing skin-tight jeans, consider wearing something loose – you’ll be able to move about a lot easier. At the end of your one or two day garage sale, consider donating items not sold to a charity, a kindergarten or some other establishment that you think would make use of the items – remember donating isn’t limited to money. For items that become broken, ripped or just dirty due to the garage sale throw those items out – you’ll never sell them.

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There are, no doubt, many other garage sale tips or tips on how to organize a successful garage sale and with a little research and patience, you’ll be able to create the best sale your neighborhood has ever seen. It is clear, however, that garage sale organization and the ideas for organizing a garage sale, take a great deal of thought and imagination. You can do it.

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