How to Save Money on Public Storage

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If you have an office, house or apartment that is cluttered with all kinds of miscellaneous items; getting yourself some personal storage is a great way to free up space. Sure, you could throw a lot of stuff in the garbage, but there is always the possibility you’ll need something in the future. There are many public storage or self storage options available that will allow you to, not only save space in your home or office, but also allow you to save money. You are probably wondering, why people don’t just move to a bigger home or office if their present place is too small. The problem is there is never a bigger office, house or apartment – bigger simply means you have more space to clutter. Making use of the many self storage facilities available these days, allows you to stay in your present location and not worry about tripping over boxes and other miscellaneous items. Businesses, especially, find renting secure storage an important investment.

Files and other office paperwork, for example, are able to be kept safe. In the 21st century, many companies are also taking advantage of internet websites that offer personal storage for office data – the days of the floppy disk, long gone. Interested parties, simply log into their account and upload files and other data. This information is kept safe and secure from hackers and other white-collar criminals in cyberspace. Users are able to access this data 24 hours a day. Using internet storage, allows you to free up your hard disk and not worry about having USB memory sticks lying in office drawers full of important data.

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How to save money on public storage is what all of us wish to achieve and there are various methods to accomplish this. First of all, you have to decide what you plan to put into secure storage. Once you have determined exactly what you want to store, you’ll have a better idea of the type and size of the storage units you require. It is important not to rent too much or too many storage places. For example – if you need storage for a few boxes of files; renting space that could accommodate an army tank would be a huge waste of space and money. Therefore, prior to deciding upon a public storage solution, review what you want to store and what you could throw on the back of a garbage truck.

The next step is to visit a few storage buildings and check out the building’s security, size and accessibility. For example, if a storage building is situated in a dangerous part of the city, perhaps it might be best to look elsewhere. Also, the hours the building is open should be considered – you don’t want it closed at inconvenient times. After choosing storage units, think about how you are going to stack items. Obviously fragile items shouldn’t be stacked on top each other from floor to ceiling. If you arrange things wisely, you’ll have space available for others to use – family members may be able take advantage of the same self storage space, thus saving you money.

It is important to invest in good quality storage containers. Don’t buy cheap cardboard boxes that will rip open if moved too often. Water-proof, metal or plastic containers are advised. The same types of containers are also important; if you are going to stack them, obviously you’ll want the containers to be able to “lock” into each other easily. Don’t forget to label each container clearly – don’t use code. If you forget the code you’ll be searching for hours for a single file. High quality containers for storage are not cheap, however it is always better to be safe and know that your stored items won’t be destroyed should there be a fire, earthquake of some other disaster.

You should always remember to store wisely. Don’t store things that you suspect you’ll never use – get rid of stuff you don’t need. With this in mind, a couple of times per year, head to the storage facility and go through your storage containers. Remove what you don’t need. Performing this task regularly will keep your stored items up-to-date and by extension, save you money and space. Think of a bedroom drawer full of tee-shirts; on the top are new tee-shirts and on the bottom are the shirts never worn. Needless to say, eventually these old tee-shirts are thrown out. This method is what you should employ with your storage.

If you do rent public storage; it is always a good idea to ask owners of storage facilities whether you can increase or decrease storage space at anytime. The reason for this is that there is always the possibility that you’ll either need more space or less. If, for example you’ve managed to cut down on storage, it goes without saying that you’re not going to need as much space – decreasing storage space means decreasing rent. You should check out various websites, the likes of and, to find deals on storage. You’ll also find websites online that offer the first month free and large discounts for long-term storage space renters.

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In conclusion, prior to renting storage units, make sure you do your homework. Check out various storage buildings and storage places until you find one that offers security and a reasonable rental fee. It is also a good idea to initially take out a three or six month contract with a public storage provider. After the initial contract period is over, you’ll know whether a particular storage place is worth making a long-term commitment with.

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