How to Save Money on House Painting

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For many home owners, painting the house is a chore and an expense that is often put on the back burner – of things to do – for as long as possible. The thought of searching newspapers and internet websites for house painting services, is something dreaded by house owners and landlords everywhere. For many young couples who have just bought their first home, painting and reforming the dwelling is less of a chore and more of an adventure; indeed for these couples, home painting is treasured time. Whether it is a fun experience or prosaic chore, saving money on house painting is the aim of all house or homeowners. Let’s review some house painting tips that may save you a few hundred dollars.

First of all, painting your house yourself is, obviously, going to save you reaching deeply into your pocket. Keep in mind, however, that painting your house yourself isn’t just a matter of slapping on a few coats of paint over old paint. If, in the event, you choose to paint over old paint without first preparing the surface, you’ll end up having to pay a professional to redo the job. To understand what must be done prior to painting, ask a home decorator or visit a home center and quiz the staff. Once you understand what is required, you then have to either buy or rent the equipment for the job. Since painting your house is a job that is done, on average, every three or four years, I would recommend renting the painting equipment rather than purchasing it. You’ll be able to find a rental company somewhere nearby where all you need is able to be hired to perform a painting job to match that of any professional.

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When choosing a color to paint your house, make sure it is a color that isn’t going to make your house appear incongruous in the street. Having a color that is unique is one thing, but having a color that looks completely out-of-place, is just plain silly. Choose a color that makes your house a little different from the rest of the houses in the street – but not overly. It is also recommended to keep the house’s color the same all over. If you should choose to use more than one color, you’ll add to expenses and completion time. You’ll also make the house stand-out more than, perhaps, you would like.

If you choose to hire professional house painting services it is always a good idea to get an estimate before you hire. Various companies will give you various prices, so you must be on your toes. If possible have three of more painting companies come and give you an estimate; follow this up by investigating each company as to ascertain which firm is both reasonably priced and does the best work. If given the choice of either having your house painted by brush or sprayed; choose sprayed if you want to save time and by extension, money. Keep in mind, however, that although spray painting is faster, it generally doesn’t apply the same thickness of paint as a brush does. This means that you’ll need a re-paint within a couple of years. In order to extent the life of the paint, insist the contractor uses high quality paint.

Yearly maintenance is important and thus will save you money in the long run. For example, repainting the house’s trim annually will save you money when the time arrives to paint the entire structure. Painting the siding is recommended to be done every other year. Painting these two points or parts of your house will also improve its appearance should you want to sell it; very often the trim and siding suffer the worst damage from the elements. Something called “spot painting” is the process of painting areas on the house that have, over the years, deteriorated faster than other parts. This spot painting can be done every three or four months and will keep the house looking in tip-top condition between bi-annual paint jobs.

It is important that you keep the house’s paint work looking exceptional so as to maintain an excellent resale value – even if you have no intention of selling. Don’t let laziness deprive the house of its value. The old adage of a “man’s home is his castle” or to be more in tune with the 21st century, “A person’s home is their castle” all depends on how the “castle” is maintained and whether it is a true castle or just a collection of stone, brick, wood and concrete. Painting your house will make it the castle of your dreams. Whether you choose a company that offers house painting services or choose to paint your own home, remember that its appearance shows others that where you live is indeed your castle.

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The above house painting tips are a few ideas with which to save money, yet get the home painting job you want, albeit, need. There are, no doubt, many other money saving ideas and I’d recommend you check out as many as you can before climbing a ladder with a brush and a can of paint.

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