How to Save Money on House Cleaning

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For some people it is a hated chore, for others it can be cathartic – a way of dealing with bad news – whatever the reason, cleaning your house is something that has to be performed regularly. When it comes to cleaning curtains, floors, bathrooms and other rooms in the house, many of us head to a large home center or supermarket and stock up on various cleaning sprays and other chemicals. Let’s review a few house cleaning tips and ideas that will, I’m sure, save you a bundle.

First of all, if you seriously want to know how to save money on house cleaning, check what you have already, prior to heading out to the aforementioned home center. For example; you can save money on air fresher by making use of the old, tried and true method – baking soda. Yes, baking soda will give your clothing, closets, garbage cans, boots and even diaper pails, a “natural” freshness that cannot be found in a supermarket spray can. Baking soda is also the ideal cleaner for scrubbing. Simply mix baking soda with tepid water and allow it to form a paste. When this paste is ready; pull on a pair of rubber gloves and bring your kitchen’s pots and pans back to the shine they had when they were new. In fact, baking soda is the ideal cleaner for most kitchen utensils as well as stainless steels sinks and counter tops.

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Other tips on cleaning your house include using white vinegar to scrub and clean your bathroom. White vinegar is able to be purchased from any supermarket in bulk and it really is a wonderful cleaner. It will remove stains from tiles and toilet bowls, soap scum and the patina that forms around copper or brass faucets and drainage holes. Unlike other cleaners, that are sold in the home centers and supermarkets, white vinegar is non-toxic thus safe if you have small children in your house. Lemon juice is yet another all purpose cleaner that will allow you to save on house cleaning. This, seemingly found-everywhere-product, is an excellent stain remover and air fresher; an all purpose cleaner many home-makers will tell you and again – non-toxic. Although lemon juice doesn’t have the scouring power of other substances like the aforementioned baking soda it does, nevertheless, remove light crease from pots and pans, is ideal for cleaning glass and mirrors and a little added to your laundry, will certainly freshen up your clothing.

If you’re the kind of person that detests cleaning; here is a tip that may make your house cleaning chores a little more bearable – set a timer. What is a timer? , is what I’m guessing you are asking yourself now. I’ll explain – there are more people, in the world, that hate cleaning more than those who don’t mind it; for the millions that hate it divide your time into chunks. For example, 20 minutes cleaning the bathroom before taking a break and a long pull on a cold beer. Next, spend 20 minutes scrubbing the toilet, before reaching into the fridge again and having another drink. With your time divided up in this way, each task will be bearable for a short time. By the end of the afternoon, not only will your house be spick and span, but you’ll also be feeling pretty good from all the beer you’ve consumed. Many house cleaning tips and ideas found support the “timer” method.

If you do buy detergents and other cleaners, use them wisely. Water-down concentrated products so they’ll last longer. Manufacturers are not, of course, going to suggest you dilute their products, however you don’t need a strong cleaner to clean the kitchen floor – not unless someone in your family has been reconditioning a motorcycle engine next to the stove. Standard strength detergents and cleaners will bring a shine to your tiled or linoleum kitchen floor. If you add bleach to some of the standard cleaners on the market today, you’ll add to its strength as well as save yourself some money. Bleach is actually an excellent cleaner and able to be purchased for a very low price from various outlets.

When you head outside to clean your house windows, you needn’t worry about paying for a “special” window cleaning solution. Various manufacturers will try and beguile you into purchasing a window cleaner that, they’ll tell you, can remove everything from bird droppings to nuclear fall-out. Don’t believe it and don’t buy it. A bucket of warm water with white vinegar and dish washing detergent mixed in will clean your windows thoroughly. Indeed, your windows will be so clean; you’ll need to stick color paper on them so that visitors won’t stick their hands through the glass.

Here’s a wonderful money saving tip on house cleaning. If you want to bring your toilet bowl up to a bright, white finish, drop a couple of denture tablets into the bowl and leave it for around 30 minutes. Later, give the bowl a quick brush, then flush and the whiteness of your toilet will return to its gleam of the day you had it installed. Denture tablets are not only for whitening false teeth – they’ll give your toilet an Osmond smile also. If your oven is looking and smelling like something the dog dragged in, don’t worry. Forget the caustic detergent that makes your eyes sting, forget the scrubbing brush that gets caked with grease. All you have to do with modern day ovens is turn them on, set the temperature at around 500 F and leave it for an hour. The heat from the oven will scorch and burn away all excess grease and other left-over filth.

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There are many more tips and ideas for saving money on house cleaning; to list them all would take many pages. If you seriously want to save money on house cleaning, use common sense and a little ingenuity; you’ll come up with hundreds of ideas that will save you money. You can also clean clothing using some of the above tips. Other clothing cleaning tips include, putting charcoal from the backyard BBQ into a pair of shoes and leaving them over night will definitely kill any smells that prohibit you from having dinner in a Japanese restaurant.

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