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It starts as a minor ache and after a few hours morphs into a full blown toothache. With our insurance card deep in our pockets, we head to the nearest dentist to get relief from the excruciating pain. Dental insurance is expensive and it is the type of insurance, none of us really want. Many people only visit a dentist when they are in pain, the rest of the time the dentist is thought of as a house of pain. It is only a small percentage of the population that actually visits the dentist for check ups, at the recommended three or four time per year. The rest of the country figures if we keep our teeth clean, there’s no need to see a dentist. So, when those times come where we have to visit a dentist, how can we save on dental insurance? Let’s review some methods.

Once a seemingly impossible feat, discount dental insurance is now quite easy to get and all it takes is a little research and patience (excuse the pun). Find yourself a reputable dental discount plan. There are various plans available that will suit your financial situation. These days there are no limits on dental insurance benefits and you’ll save a great deal thanks to the various dental discount insurance plans available. The average, run-of-the-mill discount dental plan offers complete coverage on all dental procedures, unlimited benefits for an entire year and an affordable annual membership. From these fees you simply subtract premiums, interest rates and other deductibles. Indeed, in the 21st century, dental discount plans are a popular choice by the masses.

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Another money saving idea is to check with your employer as he or she may have a group dental plan that you are able to join. Many people, upon joining a company, forget to ask whether the health insurance offered, covers dental care – most do. You will probably be surprised to learn that the rates for the group plan are cheaper than that of a private dental plan, thus saving you a little more. It may also be possible to get your entire family on the same group dental plan; discuss this with your supervisor or your company’s health insurance representative, you may be pleasantly surprised.

For those who prefer private dental insurance, check online first. There are literally hundreds of different insurance firms offering private dental insurance with different benefits. Ideally, finding a firm that is able to give you more than one option or quote is recommended. Check out as many firms as you can and compare costs. When you first receive information from different firms, you’ll be inclined to think, everything is the same; each firm is offering the same deals, if you read closely however, you’ll see various differences in policies. It is important to read everything thoroughly – don’t get complacent.

Once you’ve decided on a policy, call the insurance sales representative and quiz him or her intensely. The insurance salesperson may wonder why you are asking so many questions – it is only dental insurance, after all. Don’t be swayed by their apparent frustration with your questions, you need to be sure – it is your money. With your question and queries answered to your satisfaction, tell the salesperson that you’re interested. If, in the event, the salesperson, in an effort to have to join, makes any promises make sure he or she puts these promises in writing in the contract. If he or she is unwilling to do that, don’t sign.

Directly asking the dentist if he or she has any dental insurance plan that you could join, is yet another money saving idea. There are insurance firms that contact dentists directly, asking if they would like to offer their patients a dental insurance plan. These direct plans are often quite cheap and you also save a great deal of money on dental visits. This type of dental plan is only worthwhile if you intend to visit the dentist regularly for check ups and/or treatment. If you are one of the thousands, or millions, across the country that rarely goes to the dentist, this plan would be a waste on money and you would be better advised to look into some other insurance package.

There is one final idea which has its merits as well as it demerits and that is, something called, the “pay dentist” option. This involves having all your dental treatment completed, and then paying the dentist directly. Making use of this option allows the dentist to give you a discount because he or she is receiving payment in cash. The dentist doesn’t have to fill out any annoying paperwork, doesn’t have to wait a month or longer for the insurance office to pay and doesn’t need to concern him or her self with any other red-tape. Indeed he or she will gladly give you a worthwhile discount, not only because you paid in cash, but also because you made life easier for him or her. You will be able to save a great deal of money and not have to worry about paying premiums each month. This method is ideal if you don’t visit the dentist very often. The demerits I see with this plan is that you will not be able to claim dental expenses on your tax returns and if your teeth are in seriously horrendous condition, treatment may run into the thousands instead of the hundreds of dollars.

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There are probably many more ways of saving money on dental insurance. The above methods are just a few and if you make use of one or two of them, you most definitely will save.

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