How to Save Money on Baggage Fee

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Traveling in airplanes has greatly reduced travel time and because of this it has become a popular mode of transportation. However, travelers are faced with the dilemma of paying for excess baggage fees and the need to reduce on baggage arose. Here then are practical ways to save money on baggage fee.


The easiest way to save money on baggage fee is simply to travel light. We may be tempted to bring the favorite pillow and other stuff, but it is not always advisable to do so. Bring only the essentials and get rid of luxury stuff. You’ll not only rid yourself of heavy baggage you can save yourself from fees collected for excess baggage.

Another way to reduce baggage fee is to watch the weight. We may be able to bring what we think are the essentials but your baggage is still heavy. Remember that the airline company checks for the weight of your baggage and not on the quantity. Work on reducing the weight of your baggage so you won’t be paying for excess baggage.

When going in group, you can share the allowed weight for the number of persons that is in the group. By doing this, even though one has a heavy luggage, he won’t be paying as long as it is lighter than the allowed baggage weight for the group. This is one of the advantages of travelling as a group.

Always check-in your baggage ahead of your flight schedule. Travelers who almost always check-in luggage barely an hour before their flight have to know that this is not a good practice. Check-in ahead of time to get rid of long line queues and at the same time, sort out things that will have to be left behind in case of excess baggage. When you check-in barely an hour, you end up leaving valuables when you have excess baggage.

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The suggestions listed above are guides in how to save money on baggage fee. Don’t wait until the airport to decide whether to leave some things behind or not. Always check-in way before the flight schedule so you can have more time to sort out things and lastly always travel light so you’ll have a stress-free flight to your destination.

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