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Finding cheap parking in a city is sometimes impossible. If you park on the street there’s the risk of receiving a parking ticket, if you park at a meter you have to continually feed the machine coins and if you use a multi-story parking garage you may have to pay an expensive monthly or daily fee. It is because of these reasons that many car drivers make use of public transport to go into the city for work or entertainment. Parking in the city is expensive so it goes without saying that parking at the airport can be even more expensive.

If you are a business person that constantly travels around the country or the planet by air, you probably would jump at the chance of acquiring cheap airport parking. Travelers who take short trips to other cities are generally the people that search for places to park cheaply at an airport. Rarely does one see a family going on a three week vacation to Hawaii, searching for airport cheap parking. How to get cheap airport parking is not that difficult. The following are some ideas which you may find useful and that will ensure you’re not going to return home from your business trip or short vacation to a huge parking bill – although that option remains.airport parking

People that travel often will tell you the first important thing to do is reserve the parking space early – the earlier the better; a month or more prior to your trip. Reserving early will save you a great deal in parking expenses – indeed cheap parking at the airport. It is not uncommon for those who book early to get discounts of up to 50%. For those who suddenly arrive at the airport parking garage and ask for a discount, you will, no doubt, find it difficult simply because the garage hasn’t had time to prepare. Honestly speaking, parking garages make more money from people who just roll in the door and ask to park for one or two days than from frugal drivers that reserve in advance.

There are also situations when you are able to make great parking fee savings by paying in cash. Although parking garages, both airport and city, accept credit card payments, they are obliged to pay credit card fees. If you were to offer cash, you may find that the parking attendant or parking garage manager, will give you a discount simply because you are saving him or her money by paying in cash. It is ironic that paying in cash allows you to get a discount, but that is exactly how the system works – and not just for parking fees. It is not a common thing to do, but next time you’re at the airport parking garage, ask if there are any parking discounts if you pay cash up front. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Making use of airport hotel parking if you staying at the hotel is cheaper than using airport parking, however if you’re not staying at the hotel but park there anyway, you’re going to get hit with a huge bill when you arrive to collect your car. There is also the possibility the hotel will have your car towed and you’ll have to spend money on a cab, bus or train to track down your vehicle. There is one method you could employ to get use of the airport hotel’s parking space and this is as follows. If, for example, your job is to arrange accommodation for visiting clients or guests, you’ll probably find that the hotel will gladly allow you to use their garage if you often reserve rooms for the aforementioned business guests. Indeed, you’ll be considered a VIP and thus able to use pretty much all of the hotel’s amenities cheaply if not free of charge.

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Parking cheaply at the airport is the quandary of many people who use their car to travel to the airport. There are various methods you are able to employ to get the cheapest in airport parking and the above ideas are just a few of many other others. Spend a little time weighting up the options, you’ll find a sure fire way to save bucks on airport parking.

Good luck and good parking.

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