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Whether you shop on the Internet, walk the malls looking for sales or are content to visit your local department store, all of us love to hear the words, “cash back”. There is something about those two words that draws us to various outlets like honey draws Winnie the Pooh to a bee hive. Various stores, both online and off, offer cash back incentives to shoppers these days; allowing shoppers to keep money in their pocket. Internet auction sites, the likes of Ebay, are also offering cash back incentives to the millions of shoppers that visit their site daily. Indeed save money on Ebay is what the company advertises. It appears if you shop at any one of the more than 200 on-line stores within the website, you stand to get cash back on Ebay. Other auction sites are also offering cash back deals, however the Ebay cash back system is proving to be the one of the most popular.

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Together with Microsoft’s search engine, Ebay provides cash back to anyone shopping on its website. The amount of cash back shopping on Ebay depends on the cost of the item, the review of your purchase at check-out and other factors. It seems that shoppers who make purchases on Ebay via Microsoft’s search engine are able to collect a maximum amount of $200.00 per purchase. Again, this figure depends on the value of the item and the retail price. If you happen to be an avid Ebay shopper, then it is possible for you to make more than a thousand dollars annually on the Ebay cash back incentive.

If you are wondering how Microsoft and Ebay operate this cash back system, it is really quite simple. If you use Microsoft’s search engine to scan for shopping deals, you’ll be advised to check out the savings on Ebay with its cash back offers. Although this is perhaps a not so subtle way of advertising the savings are, nevertheless, something to be considered. If you do a search for any product retailing on the Internet, the chances are you’ll see the Ebay cash back advertisement enticing you to click and enter. Since you clicked on a Microsoft Live Search advertisement, you are automatically able to take get cash back on any Ebay store or stores.

BigCrumbs is a “shopping club” which is an excellent shopping vehicle to find cash back shopping on Ebay. Basically the more you shop the more cash back savings you make. If you introduce the BigCrumbs website to friends; you are able to get even more savings. Essentially, BigCrumbs provides Ebay store owners with the tools to increase clientele and boost their businesses. These Ebay stores give BigCrumbs members cash back deals which, in turn, has shoppers returning to the same store or stores, time and time again. As membership, in BigCrumbs grows, so too do Ebay shoppers.

There are some Ebay store owners that will offer cash back deals for regular customers. If, for example, you often visit one particular store and have purchased various items from the owner, the chances are he or she will remember you and offer you some sort of Ebay cash back. Indeed if you are a reliable customer, there is always the possibility the store owner will vouch for you should you visit other stores. For shoppers that want to save money on Ebay, taking advantage of Ebay cash back offers, will allow you to not only save money but also, in some cases, receive money in the form of cash back – which I suppose is saving money.

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With the world’s economy being what it is, saving when shopping is the frugal thing to do and Internet shopping and auctioning sites, like Ebay, are the places to visit to find cash back offers and other money saving deals.

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