Each year many of us wonder how we are going to come up with the wherewithal for a dream summer holiday. It is usually at the end of winter, when the travel companies start enticing us with their ubiquitous posters of exotic woman, clad in skimpy bikinis, sunning themselves by turquoise oceans on white sandy beaches. As the warm days of spring begin to morph into the hot, lazy days of summer, we find ourselves pondering ways with which to save money for a wonderful summer vacation. There are various methods, or ways of saving and making that dream holiday a reality. Let’s review some ideas.

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1. First of all, you need to decide on your destination; is it going to be one of those aforementioned white sandy beaches or perhaps a mountain retreat, near a lake – the choices are many. With your destination decided, it is time to make a spending plan or budget. Do some research and find out as much as you can about your planned vacation spot. Decide how much you want to spend on food, a hotel, souvenirs, and sight-seeing. Once you have tallied everything up, check the total. If you’re shocked at what you see, scale back on expenditures. If, on the other hand, the total doesn’t seem so expensive, then add more things to spend money on; it is, after all, your dream holiday.

2. With your total expenses decided, the next step is to start saving and that may mean, sacrificing a few luxuries. Do you really need cable TV? How about canceling that health club membership – you rarely go. If you usually drive to work, save money by taking the bus or better yet, cycling. If you often go out for dinner during the week, start having dinner at home – you’ll save a bundle. Smokers, give up – chuck those cancer sticks in the trash, you’ll not only save money, you’ll get yourself healthy also. Consider canceling any service that is not absolutely necessary – after you return from your wonderful holiday, you’ll be able to sign up again. Remember you’re just switching the fun you have today for the fun you’ll have on that holiday of your dreams.

3. Setting up a bank account that allows you to save, but not withdraw, is another fantastic idea. Visit your local bank and have a chat with the branch manager. Many banks offer “forced” saving accounts. When you open the account and begin depositing money, you’ll not be able to withdraw it until a predetermined date, which you stipulated when you open the account. Even if you beg, the bank will refuse until the account’s time and date expire. If this method seems too harsh, then perhaps you could consider the idea of having a “trusty change jar”. This method of saving requires strong willpower – the temptation to put your hand in the jar and pull out a couple of hundred for a date, is difficult to resist. A change jar, however, is a handy way of saving (as long as you don’t take from it). Whenever you have a few coins or a couple of dollars in your pocket, just drop it in the jar. After a few months, you’ll have quite of lot of money for your vacation of dreams.

4. Using coupons when shopping or eating out, with also save you a great deal of money over the months. There is no need to feel embarrassed using coupons; many people use them these days. You are able to pick up coupons from various venues and outlets. There are also many websites that allow you to purchase coupons for ridiculously low prices – sometimes free. If you pick some coupons up that are able to be used at a number of different stores, then so much the better. As mentioned above, using coupons is something that you needn’t feel embarrassed about, just think of that grand holiday you’re saving to take – your embarrassment will fade.

5. Working overtime or perhaps picking up a part-time job for a few months will allow you to save more. For example, if you usually have weekends off, perhaps you could find a weekend job. Working part-time in a gas station is one idea, landscaping and gardening is another – you need to enjoy the outdoors to do this type of work. There are many other weekend jobs that will give you the extra money for your summer holiday. Working over-time at your regular job is yet another option, although probably one that you’re not really interested in doing. Many bosses would dearly love to see their staff putting in extra hours and they’ll pay you extra for your efforts. Beware of the taxman, however, he likes to, in some countries, take his cut from your hard work. Ask your boss if you can work overtime for cash-in –the-hand; chances are, he or she will agree.

You can also check out other money saving tips like how to make a monthly budget, how to save money on a hotel stay or how to save money on airplane tickets.

The above five ways or methods, are just a few of many other money saving ideas for that magical summer holiday you long to take. Saving money is not that difficult, if you seriously make an effort and a few sacrifices. Think of that dream summer holiday and the hardships involved with saving, will melt away.

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