How to Save Money on a Wedding

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For many of us today having a lavish wedding ceremony and reception as were held in the mid-20 century, are not practical any longer. Costs have risen dramatically since those days and although the parents of many daughters would dearly love to give their off-spring a Cinderella-type wedding it is often, financially difficult. What is the alternative? A wedding in a registrar’s office, a barbeque in the backyard or perhaps no wedding – live in sin. Fortunately there are many ways with which to have a wonderful wedding without having to mortgage your house. Let’s take a look at some ideas.

First of all, take a look at your invitation list. There must be a few people that you could conveniently leave off. Distant relations are fairly easy to trim from a list. Let’s face it, you only ever see these people at weddings and funerals, the rest of the time they are non-existent. Friends of both the bride and the groom are difficult to strike off. Even if you detest one of your partner’s friends, don’t suggest that he or she be axed; you’ll end up having a fight with your bride or husband to be. Close work colleagues also, are difficult to not invite – don’t rock-the- boat in your work environment by failing to invite anyone you work closely with. It is also important to trim the guest list evenly – 5 of her relations or friends, 5 of his relations or friends.

Sending out invitations by standard mail these days is anachronistic. You are able to save a lot of money by transmitting a few hundred colorful emails. Doing this will save you a fortune in postage – R.S.V.P. by return email. For those who don’t have access to a computer, give the person a call; a verbal invitation would surely suffice.


Wedding attire is not cheap and for mothers’ that want their daughter resembling a princess on this wonderful day, there are a few options. The wedding dress, for example, perhaps you could make one yourself. There are hundreds of designs available to download from the Internet. If dress-making is not your forte, consider hiring a seamstress; surely you will find a professional for a reasonable cost. Excellent wedding dress fabric may also be purchased at bargain costs. For the groom’s attire; check out various clothing stores that rent formal wear. As the clothing is only going to be worn for only a few hours, it is quite possible that you will be able to agree upon a cheaper price; particularly if you tell the store employee that you intend to return it directly after the wedding. There is also the option of searching through Craigslist for fine, second-hand wedding attire – both for the bride and groom. I’m confident you’ll find something that you will love.

Decorating the church, may seem trifle and unnecessary, however parents (mothers especially) love to see flowers adorning the pews and walls of the church. Rather than have a florist hang all types of flowers from church beams and stained-glass windows, look into doing this work yourself. Now this is not to suggest that you have to be an unstudied florist; it simply means that you buy the flowers from various outlets and decorate the church yourself. Another idea is to have glowing candles positioned throughout, bathing the ceremony a medieval ambience. Whatever decorations you decide, will definitely bring uniqueness to the festivities. Use your imagination.

Not having a church wedding is another way of saving funds. Indeed the tradition of church weddings has, in recent years, lost a great deal of its draw – young people today tend to prefer a different venue. Garden weddings, for example, are popular; however these types of weddings do depend greatly on the weather. A wedding at home is a wonderful idea. The priest is able to be summoned to the bride’s abode to perform the service – weddings don’t necessary have to be held in “God’s house”. Again, be creative.

Once the venue for the wedding has been decided and the attire has been selected, ask you friends to help with putting together a reception. If you need a band, ask a few friends if they know of a local band looking for work. There is even the chance that one or two of your friends are band members – problem solved. If you hold the reception at your home or in a rented hall, asking your invited friends to pitch in and help you set up tables, create centerpieces, and arrange a bar is a way to make them feel involved and thus just as excited as you. Don’t be concerned about hiring waiters, unless you think having tray-carrying white tunic wearing men, will add to the atmosphere. It is also possible to search for cheap alcohol at your local liquor store or search online for a company that offers discounts on bulk orders. There is also no need for champagne as a few bottles of a nice sparkling white wine will suffice – no one really knows what true champagne is anyway.

Finally, if a professional photographer is too expensive, think about allowing one of your friends to take wedding photos. If you choose to ask a friend, make sure he or she knows which end of a camera is which. In short, someone who is good at taking pictures. You might also consider asking a student who is perhaps majoring in photography or movies, whether he or she wants to earn a few extra bucks taking snapshots throughout the day.

You can also check out money saving tips like how to save money on household expenses, how to save money on birthday party, or how to make a monthly budget.

The above ideas, though cheap, will still make your wedding a wonderful day and because of your ingenuity and innovation, guests will be talking about the event for months later. There are many other ideas found at the websites list below.

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