How to Save Money on a Wedding Cake

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Weddings are costly events that cause many future father-in-laws, to look into various money-saving ideas that will not be seen as stingy. One item that often hits the pocket of parents is the wedding cake. These huge, icing-covered, layered sweets cost a great deal of money and many father’s cringe when they read the estimate from a baker. Indeed, many of these baking professionals quote prices ranging from $2.00 to $6.00 per guest. It is the baking time, type of decorations and ingredients that go into creating one of these eating treats that leads to the high cost. If you do wish to save money on a wedding cake, make sure you save wisely; the cake is an important, albeit, a fundamental part of any wedding ceremony. Let’s have a look at some ideas with which to save money on the cake, yet still have a fantastic, memorable wedding.

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There are various types of wedding cakes and these include banana, hazelnut, carrot, pound, and fruit, etc. Personally, banana cake doesn’t conjure up the image of a wedding – unless you’re a monkey. Fruit and hazelnut cakes, however, are associated with weddings. The type of cake you order will also decide the price; therefore, you will be able to save on costs by choosing ingredients which are not overly priced. Whatever type of cake you choose, it will probably have several iced layers – do you really need many layers? Reducing layers will definitely save you money and will not cheapen the cake in anyway. You could also consider the design; do you really need all the decorations? Sometimes having something simple is not only cheaper, it actually looks better than a cake covered with all kinds of embellishments.

As mentioned above decorations may or may not be necessary. If you feel a wedding cake isn’t a wedding cake without frippery, by all means prettify it. It is possible to embellish your cake without shelling out ridiculous amounts of money on enhancements. The following are some examples that will make your cake a distinctive wedding item –

  • Encircling the cake with fresh seasonal flowers that match the centerpieces on each table.
  • Purchasing, reasonably priced, ornaments will bring some magic to your cake. These ornaments are able to be purchased from a department store or perhaps a bakery that specializes in cake making.
  • Decorating the cake with assorted colored candy will give the cake a scrumptious, wonderful uniqueness never before seen that will, no doubt, have many of the female guests watering at the mouth.
  • If you decorate the cake yourself, the above ideas are not expensive and will definitely cause your wedding guests to marvel at your ingenuity.

Placing an order with a professional wedding cake maker is quite expensive, even if you do decorate it yourself; let’s look at other alternatives. First, check with your local baker and ask if he or she is able to whip up a wedding cake. All bakers are able to bake a cake, however their skills vary. If your neighborhood baker is prepared to make your wedding cake, ask others in the area whether they have ever had a cake baked by him or her. As mentioned, he or she is probably quite capable of making a nice cake; however, it is best to be sure. Another option is to ask a pastry chef at your favorite restaurant if he or she would be able to create a wonderful looking and tasting cake. Although you will have to pay, you’ll not have to pay the prices of a professional wedding cake pastry chef.

For those who enjoy doing something different, suggesting a wedding cake competition, to the staff of a cooking school, for students is a fantastic idea. The student or students that produce the best cake receive some form of payment or perhaps you could invite him or her to the wedding. The cheapest and, quite possibly, the easiest method is to ask a friend or relative that is very good, if not an excellent, cake maker. Asking a friend or relative will enable you to keep everything simple and thus save on all the trimmings that one usually finds on a wedding cake. Indeed your friend, at your request, will be able to dispense with the double tiers, inch thick icing and excessive decorations.

A wedding cake almost always has a “topper” and these ornaments are often a couple of figurines embraced. They are supposed to echo the love the couple has for each other; they are therefore, deemed as important decorations for the cake. You will be able to save a little more money by having a friend purchase the cake topper. This allows your closest friend, or friends, the chance to contribute to your special day. Naturally, you are relieved from the burden of wandering around a department store or some other novelty store, searching for the perfect topper.

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The above money saving solutions should not be thought of as stingy ways; they are merely thrifty methods of saving money on a wedding cake. Young couples about to walk up the aisle and promise a priest that they will stay together until either dies, want to have a wedding reception that guests will always remember. A unique wedding cake that hasn’t cost you ridiculous amounts of money will be remembered and remembered fondly. There are many more wedding cake saving ideas and with a little research, you’ll find ways to save a bundle.

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