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Saving money on shipping is what every manufacturer and private citizen wants to be able to do. Is it possible to save on shipping? This is a question often asked and the answer is – yes, there are ways. The first thing needed to be considered is the best shipping box or package for a particular item – obviously you are not going to put a pack of cigarettes in a box large enough to hold a TV. It therefore, makes sense to pack articles into boxes that they fit comfortably into. It is important to note that shipping companies, a long with Post Services, not only weight a parcel, but also measure its size. Since the dimensions and weight of a parcel are important, you can save weight by wrapping the contents of the box in materials like bubble-wrap, packing peanuts, Styrofoam or some other material which is not only strong, but also light. Avoid wrapping items in newspaper; newspaper does not really protect fragile items. If, for example, you should wrap chinaware in newspaper you can be sure that when the package arrives at its destination, the chinaware is going to be everywhere.


If you want to save money on boxes and wrapping material, the best way is to visit a gift shop or some other retailer. Stores receive hundreds of boxes of merchandise weekly and thus they are bound to have a slew of empty cardboard boxes that you are able to use for packing. You will also find a great deal of wrapping material with these boxes. Store managers and owners will be more than happy to see you cart this recyclable material away. It would appear that, in many countries or States, stores and other businesses must follow strict and expensive disposal procedures when ridding their stockrooms of unwanted boxes and wrapping. Someone, like your self asking for a few empty boxes and wrapping material is, to the store staff, a godsend – a disposing headache gone and money saved.

With your package ready to go, get online and visit both the Postal Service website and well as a company such as UPS. Within these sites, you’ll be able to find out the cost of sending your package, before you actually shell out the money to mail it. All, you have to do is enter the package size, weight and destination. Within a few seconds, you’ll receive either a clear and final price or estimate. Remember to measure your package’s length, width and height as well as its weight. You should enter this information in a number of different shipping sites as you’ll notice a difference in price. On average, destination zip code is all that is required to learn the shipping cost. Bear in mind that, depending on the distance, most packages take between three and four days – if you want it to arrive in less time, you’ll have to pay extra for express shipping – ask your self, is it worth it?

Something called “Media Mail” is a service provided by the US Postal Service and it is ideal for mailing such items as videos, DVDs, books CDs etc. If you choose this system, remember that this service is slow which is why it is cheaper than other methods. These days, however, other companies are offering similar services; this makes for an array of options. Those who wish to ship internationally should first check with the Postal Service or another shipping company to find out if there are any shipping restrictions or rules. You must remember that each country around the world has a different set of mail rules. For example, you’ll not be able to send a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon to an Islamic country; their religious beliefs forbid alcohol. When mailing internationally, you should also include a typed Customs Declaration form. This form should be clearly seen on the package and easily read and will prove to the authorities that the package contains no illegal items. Again doing this will save you money in fines, should you purposely or accidentally send items which are deemed illegal.

Whether you are shipping internationally or domestically, make sure you always compare shipping rates and services between two or more companies. If speed is not an issue, choose a slower method as it is sure to be cheaper. If a company, including the Postal Service, offers any sort of shipping discount, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, jump at it. There are many shipping companies that you are able to check out; don’t choose the first one you find. Spend time searching for, not only a cheap and money saving company, but also a reliable firm. Generally speaking a country’s Postal Service is quite dependable, however I wouldn’t entrust important documents, antiques or any other precious package to a government operated organization, as there have been cases of shipped items disappearing.

Finally, the following list is what you are able to do in order to save money on shipping: –

1. Pack all your items yourself. Keep packages as light and as small as possible

2. Search for a reputable and reasonably priced shipping company.

3. Make sure the Postal Service is able to guarantee your shipment will arrive at its destination in the condition it was sent.

4. Take advantage of any shipping bargains offered by either the Postal Service or a shipping company.

5. Use the Internet to check and compare prices of various shipping companies.

As you can see, it really is possible to save money on shipping; you just have to be thorough.

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