How to Save Money on Jewelry

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It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and according to Dame Shirley Bassey – “Diamonds are Forever”. In years gone by, diamonds and other trinkets, costs were only affordable by the rich; indeed these harbingers of wealth were Cinderella dreams to the average person. Nowadays however, many women and men decorate themselves with diamonds, rubies, pearls and gold. Although jewelry remains expensive and seemingly out of reach to many, there are still thousands of women and men searching for ways and methods to save money on these dazzling ornaments. You too can be adorned in silver, gold and platinum if you shop wisely. For the frugal jewelry shopper, let’s see how we can save.

Shopping online is one method of saving money. Jewelry stores that have websites are able to sell their inventory cheaper online simply because financial over-heads are less. That is to say – stores do not need smiling staff trying to beguile you into purchasing items – no employees, no salaries. Other inducers like counter layout are of no concern; a digital picture of inventory is all that is needed. These savings make it possible for the store to offer such enticements as coupons, specials and other discounts for web shoppers; consumers are able to shop at literally hundreds of stores from the comfort of their own living room. If, you see a diamond necklace retailing for $5,000, make a note, then search other stores, chances are you’ll find the same, or something similar, for a lesser price. If the store offers coupons, you will be able to buy the necklace even cheaper.


If you are reasonably computer savvy, visiting Internet auction sites is a real money saving way to get yourself a new cameo ring, pearl necklace or diamond-studded belt. Stores as well as private sellers list hundreds of different types of jewelry; all you need to do is bid on the item you want. If the price climbs too high, simply stop bidding and resume searching the auction. There really are hundreds, if not, thousands of jewelry auction sites. There are many instants where people buy high grade diamond rings and necklaces for unbelievable prices.

For those that are set on purchasing a large diamond, consider buying one that is of a lower grade. This is not to suggest you buy something fake. It simply means purchasing a diamond that isn’t a top grade. Only a professional diamond merchant or smuggler would know the difference. People that grade diamonds, use very intricate tools to determine a diamond’s value; the average person has no way of knowing this value and thus unable to comment. Should you buy yourself a lower grade diamond, you will definitely save money without sacrificing your image. Your secret will only be known by you and the store from which you acquired the gem.

The jewelry shop clearance sale is yet another way of saving money on jewelry. Often if a store is going out of business or moving to a new location, they will advertise in the local newspaper or perhaps on the Internet. This is your chance to swoop in and pick up a trinket you’ve longed desired, for a song. There are also clearance sales that are aimed at removing old stock to make room for new stock. Here too, you are able to find bargains. Once again, none of your friends will know that the beautiful pearl necklace elegantly hanging around your neck is last year’s design; only a professional would know and besides, what do you care. It is also important to note here, that clearance sales do not infer that the jewelry is cheap, fake, or bad quality. A clearance sale is often a gimmick aimed at getting throngs of shoppers through the doors or to the website.

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The above methods of saving money on jewelry are just a few of many. If you shop wisely and are a frugal person, you’ll find many jewelry bargains and deals; all it takes is a little patience. Remember not to be fooled or goaded by pushy salespeople. At all times maintain a nonchalant air; it will aid you in saving money on jewelry.

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