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All of us monthly, bi-monthly or a couple of times per year have to get a haircut. It is a change in appearance that spawns conversation starters like “Have you had a haircut?” or “I see you’ve had a haircut,” as well as the old favorite rhetorical question, “Have you had your ears shifted?” Most people don’t give much thought to having a haircut; it is rote. Statistics show that men care less about their hair style than women. Women will spend hours sitting in a hair salon having their hair washed, dried, cut and styled. Men, however, spend only minutes have their hair washed, trimmed and dried. It goes without saying that women have to pay far much more and this is why many women always lookout for new money-saving haircut ideas. Let’s review some money-saving ideas.

First of all, it is not just men that have short hair these days; it is quite acceptable for women to have their hair very short as well. Indeed with your hair closely cut it will take a few months to grow back to an annoying length, thus save you money. Hairdressers, these days, are able to style short hair, to the contours of a woman or man’s face. This means that women who have never dared have their hair cut short need not worry; put your faith in the hairdresser. If you are going to follow my advice and “put your faith in the hairdresser”, make sure he or she is an experienced, skilled professional – remember once your hair is cut, there’s no going back. For women or men who believe their long hair is part of their charm; try a short cut, you may see your charm blossom.


Another way to save money on haircuts is to forgo patronizing a fashionable hair salon and instead visit a barber. Obviously, men visit the standard barber – I have yet to see a woman sitting in a barber’s chair, wrapped in a series of towels and having a bald-headed barber spraying her head with Brylcreem. There are, however, many unisex barbers opening their doors these days and as the name suggests, they welcome both male and female clientele. These stores are usually void of all the frippery that is found in high-class hair salons. The lack of a cosmetic ambience allows the unisex barber to charge less and therefore save you money. Unisex barbers are just as skilled as their expensive salon counterparts and those under the assumption that hair salon hairdressers are far more skilled, are very much mistaken. If you want to save on haircuts, consider switching to a unisex or a standard barber.

For the adventurous, having a friend cut your hair is yet another way of saving on haircuts. This method of keeping money in your pocket, while cheap, has an element of risk to it. If your friend is a professional hairdresser, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. However, if she or he is a rank beginner, like yourself; suggesting he or she takes a few lessons prior to lopping off chunks of your hair is always a good idea. You too, could take haircutting lessons, with the aim of cutting your friend’s hair – a give and take arrangement. If you are serious and continue to practice, you could conceivably become a dexterous cutter of hair. This is definitely a money saving idea.

Volunteering to act as a salon model will enable you to have your hair cut, styled and shampooed without spending any money. There are times when a salon or school, will advertise for models to allow trainee staff to practice various cuts, styles and colors on a model’s hair. These jobs are sometimes paid and although it is not a large amount of money, it will nevertheless save you shelling out for a haircut. There is, of course, a down-side to having novice hair stylists cutting, washing and coloring your locks and that is inexperience. You are basically presenting your head to someone who is still learning how to maneuver a pair of scissors. The only saving grace is that these newbie’s are usually overseen by experienced staff. If, however, you are willing to let young hands with stainless steel tools cut and style your hair; again you will save a great deal in haircuts.

There are people that choose to cut their own hair; this is difficult, but not impossible. Self cutting is easy for men as all he has to do is purchase a hair-cutter, set the length and run the machine over his pate. This method only takes a few minutes and depending on the haircutter’s setting, he need only cut his hair every three or four months. Women, however, don’t usually want to use a machine; preferring styled hair. For women that are considering cutting their own hair, I would advise speaking to a professional and getting some useful tips before you start hacking at the mop on the top of your head. Cutting your own hair is risky unless you know what you are doing, remember what is written above – one mistake and there is no turning back. If, you practice and slowly master the art of self hair-cutting, once again you will be able to save on haircuts.

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One final method of saving is to consider donating or selling your cut hair to a wig making company. Many barbers and salons, sell the hair they swept up every evening. After having a haircut none of us thinks about what happens to the hair that fell from our head and landed on the tiled floor. Usually we look in the mirror, smile and say something like “Yeah, it looks great,” pay and leave. The barber or salon owner sweeps up our shredded hair and offers it to a wig making company. Perhaps, you could ask the store owner to put it in a bag and sell it yourself – another money saving idea.

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