How to save money on food while on vacation is something some families ponder prior to packing a suitcase, boarding a plane or getting in the car for a road trip. Other families, however, choose to forget all vacation costs and splurge – returning home with no money. With the world economy as it is, saving money makes sense. Let’s take a look at some ways of saving money on food, yet still enjoy your vacation.

1. Hotels: If you’re on a road trip or have arrived in another country, stay at hotels that offer a free complimentary breakfast every morning. A quick search on the Internet and you’ll find a few hotels that offer this service; don’t forget to confirm this when you check-in. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and if you are traveling with children, this free breakfast should keep their stomachs full pass lunch time. Bringing your own breakfast food is also an option cereals are able to be packed in a suitcase or over-night bag easily, as are bowls and cutlery. All you’ll need to buy is the morning orange juice and milk.

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2. Meals: When dining in restaurants select establishments that offer “Kids Free” or have discounts for children. Make sure to check with staff, prior to ordering as sometimes signs advertising kids free; don’t mention the fact that one kid is free for each paying adult. If you’re traveling without children, dine in cheaper restaurants that are often found outside of the touristy areas. The food in these places, while not top class, do have reasonable, dishes and thus will fill that hollowness in your stomach. You’ll also get to meet many of the locals and could quite possibly learn something about the town or city that is not in the guide book you bought from the travel agent.

3. Cheap Lunches: At lunch times, try to eat light. This is difficult if you’re traveling with children. Giving children sandwiches and fruit for lunch is a money saver, especially if you make the sandwiches yourself in the hotel room. It is not necessary to give children a huge afternoon meal, if they ate heartily at breakfast; chances are they’re not overly hungry. Adults traveling without children are able to forgo lunch in favor of a nice evening meal.

4. Snacks: Take your own snacks and munchies. Japanese travelers are renowned for doing this, it doesn’t matter where they travel; snacks from home are in their suitcases. You too are able to save doing this. If you have children, take a few candy bars for them to chew on while watching TV. Potato chips are the perfect munching food when reading under a colorful umbrella on a white sandy beach.

5. Water: Although this is difficult in some situations, taking your own water bottles will allow you to not only save money, but help you avoid any stomach problems owing to drinking the local water; especially if you’re traveling abroad. Nowadays, however, it is difficult to take water bottles onboard international and domestic flights – you’re going to have to buy bottled water in the country or state of destination. On a road trip, however, taking a few liters of bottled water will save you stopping at convenience stores or gas stations every few hours. Having bottled water on a road trip is recommended by seasoned travelers.

6. Coupons: Coupons and gift certificates will also allow you to save money on food. Many restaurants have dining coupons that you are able to purchase via Ebay and other sites on the Internet. Obviously these coupons and certificates are only to be used in your own country or state. There are websites, however, that offer discount coupons for restaurants internationally. If you visit a travel agent, ask him or her to check for any dining coupons in the country you’re intending to vacation. Avoid eating too often in fast food stores, at airports or tourist attractions; you’ll use a great deal of money and will gain weight as well. Chow down on a hamburger when you return home. If you crave fast food, buy a kid’s meal, they’re cheaper and just as filling.

7. Guide Book: Purchase a good entertainment guide book as soon as you reach your destination. In one of these books you will be able to check the prices of various attractions and restaurants. Guide books also have maps of the city or area; check the maps to find the bargains. Food and drink are usually where a large percentage of traveler’s money goes; with an entertainment guide, you’ll know prices before hand and thus avoid getting a ridiculous check for a couple of steaks and a beer.

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The above are seven ways to save money on food when on vacation there are probably many more. Should you follow these money saving methods, you will indeed return home with money still in your pocket.

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