How to Reduce printing Costs

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Reducing printing costs are what every employer as well as the private computer user wants to achieve. Think of the many times you have said to yourself, when using an ink-jet printer, “The black ink is empty again?!” Employers also frown when they have to sign requests for more ink cartridges or paper. Saving on printing costs is important in any business, as well as private home and there are various ways in which to get the maximum efficiency from either your office printer or the one that sits on your computer desk at home.

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First of all, laser printers are considered paper and ink savers and in recent years prices have dropped dramatically. It is generally accepted that laser printers have a lower cost per page than a standard ink-jet printer. If you are considering investing in a laser printer, check out the various models available and choose one that supports software that will remove advertisements, when printing from websites.

It doesn’t matter what type or make of printer you buy it is always best to first check out a printer’s specifications prior to announcing to a smiling sales clerk, “I’ll take that one!” Review the types of cartridges that each printer supports; often other manufacturers have cheaper cartridges which are compatible with a wide range of printers, both laser and ink-jet. It is also a good idea to learn how many pages the printer is capable of handling in a one-month period – knowing this information will allow you to evaluate the cost of paper needed for a particular printer. On the subject of paper, if you make use of the printer’s ability to print both sides of a page, you will be contributing to saving few hundred acres of rain-forest.

Specifying what you want to print will save you dollars in ink. This is to say, if you only need to print part of a page or one section of a document, set the options to print only the required text or image. People that print out an entire page and cut one section from the page are not only wasting paper but also ink. Setting the default to print in black and white only, will make color ink cartridges last a lot longer. Other printer cost reducing ideas are:

  • Set the printer to multiple pages on one page. Yes, it is possible. Simply select “handouts” from the printer menu options and you’re done. The text is small but able to be read without having to buy a magnifying glass.
  • Make sure to proof-read your text prior to printing; there is nothing more wasteful than having to print twice because you miss a word.
  • Purchasing your own cartridge refill kit, though messy, will save on jet-ink cartridges.
  • If you’re a student, make use of the printer credits that you accumulate at university.
  • Download and install the GreenPrint application which will allow you to preview any print work before you hit the button. You also have the option of installing the FireFox extension, Aardvark in your browser. This extension is able to be configured to block out images and text that you don’t want printed.

You can also check out other money saving tips like how to save money on a wedding, how to save money for college, or how to make a monthly budget.

For owners of ink-jet printers, the next time you want to print photography’s from your digital camera, consider taking the camera to a print lab; doing this will probably be cheaper than using your own ink-jet printer. If your heart is set on printing your digital camera images at home, downloading good photo editing software, like Photoshop or Gimp, will ensure your images are professional looking and that ink was used wisely.

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