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Whether it is shopping, vacations or renovating, people invariably look for deals and discounts. To cater for this demand there are now many websites offering discount coupons for a slew of different commodities and services. When you go online and start sifting through the hundreds of websites offering wonderful discounts be wary, don’t purchase coupons from the first site you visit – some look good but in fact, offer little. The following is a list of discount coupon websites that are reputed to be excellent coupon purchasing venues.


1. Coupons.com: offers a slew of coupons for various things. Within the easily navigated user interface, visitors enter their zip code to be automatically taken to part of the website that is offering deals in your area. Visitors are able to choose the coupons he or she wants; pay online and print them for use at another time. Coupons.com offers discounts of everything from groceries to movie theater tickets. It is important to know that some store owners will not accept internet coupons – therefore to choose wisely.

2. CouponCabin.com: This particular website tends to keep all discounts offered up-to-date; indeed, it appears that the site updates their coupon inventory three times per day. Coupon codes are also constantly checked to make sure they are valid and thus useable. Within the website there is a “Most-Used Coupons” section which allows you to choose from the popular coupons of the day or month; the “Favorite Deals” section lets shoppers find the best deals at online stores. Visitors to CouponCabin.com are also able to sign up to a weekly newsletter which arrives in your inbox every Monday informing you of the latest deals.

3. CouponMom.com: Is a simple, easily navigated coupon website that covers a wide range of discounts. The site lists a slew of online coupon codes which are able to be printed and used at a later date. Free samples are able to be procured without having to fill out an online questionnaire. The site does not have the annoying “buy-from-us” banners, found on other sites and is indeed, as the name suggests, ideal for the frugal shopper. All deals and discounts listed are accurate and updated regularly. You are able to pick up discounts on anything from Australian Vegemite to bargain-stays at luxury hotels. CouponMom also offers a newsletter service.

4. RetailMeNot.com: According to the experts, this particular coupon website is dedicated to the community. Indeed the site is able to rapidly confirm whether the coupon codes are still valid and thus useable. With this service, shoppers are able to sort the good deals from the bad. Visitors are also able to learn when any coupon code was last used and whether there were any complaints or hidden clauses. As with other sites, RetailMeNot.com also offers an email newsletter service informing you when new codes are posted.

5. SmartSource.com: This particular website not only offers an array of coupons from across the country, users are also able to check for coupons at local stores. Having this option makes it possible for consumers to maximize their saving searches. SmartSource also confirms quickly whether coupon codes are still able to be used. To search locally for discount deals, enter your zip code and let SmartSource find the coupons. Clearly SmartSource is a smart choice.


6. FatWallet.com: Considered one of the largest online coupon sites, FatWallet, not only offers a comprehensive array of coupons, but also has forums where members are able to discuss, in-depth, discount listings on the site. Users are able to receive cash-back incentives if he or she shops through the FatWallet.com site. If you’re looking for discounts, don’t wait, check out FatWallet.com now.

7. DealzConnection.com: This website is a popular site for the simple reason it allows you to search other online coupon sites as well as view its own listings. The option of being able to check out other websites from within DealzConnection.com saves you searching the Web for various bargains. Indeed this website is ideal for those who prefer an everything-in-one website.

8. ValPak.com: Many of us are familiar with the blue ValPak envelopes that arrive at your door in the mail. These envelopes usually have various coupons that you are able to use at your local supermarket or shopping mall. Nowadays, however, you are able to visit ValPak.com and print out your choice of coupons in a matter of minutes. Similar to other websites, ValPak.com lets you enter your zip code to find local discounts for restaurants, supermarkets, etc.

9. TheCouponClippers.com: This website, though not a coupon site per se, you are, however, able to procure grocery coupons for use in all their stores. Visit TheCouponClippers website and find bargains on dog food, vegetables and other daily commodities needed in the average home. Indeed visiting this site and collecting coupon points, you will be able save hundreds of dollars.

10. Wow Coupons: Clearly aptly named; Wow Coupons has coupons and vouchers for literally hundreds of services, stores, and entertainment venues. It doesn’t matter what you want to buy or what service you want to take advantage of Wow Coupons has the coupons or vouchers you need. All coupons are printable and up-to-date – you’ll not be disappointed. If you’re looking for coupons, check out this website and find exactly what you want.

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