How to Save Money on Sports Tickets

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Ever wanted to watch basketball, baseball or football but couldn’t because you don’t have tickets to the game. You wanted to buy sports tickets but its either tickets have run out or they are too expensive for you. Here are some suggestions for you to save money on sports tickets.

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Buy season tickets instead of regular game tickets. If you compute individually, season tickets are cheaper while regular game tickets are expensive. Another advantage is you are not sure of the availability of regular game tickets.

Another way to  save money on sports tickets is to buy season tickets or game tickets from a friend or a relative who has spare tickets or who is not being able to go to the game. Chances are they can sell the tickets to you for a lower price.

If you aren’t sure that you want to buy season tickets, buy regular game tickets ahead of the schedule and not on the day of the game itself. Buying tickets way ahead of schedule will help you to buy cheap tickets and you won’t have to run around at the last moment looking for tickets. This is also another way to save money on sports tickets because lines are still not long and you can expect prices to be lower on that time.

Decide on what game you want to watch ahead of schedule so you can decide how many tickets to buy. By doing so you would be able to avail early bird discounts which most of the game events offer. More you wait on buying the tickets the prices would keep going up.

Look for cheap sports tickets from different forums and websites. If you’ll just be patient in searching, you can find cheap ones. Make sure to compare the current prices of the game tickets to the tickets that you find so you’ll know which is expensive and which is not. People put up classified ads on local websites like craigslist in case they have spare tickets. Keep an eye on these websites and you might be able to find a good deal on tickets you were looking for.

Sign up for email lists of teams, companies etc. Sometimes they send out emails with early bird discounts, bulk discounts etc. You can also tune in to your local radio station, because during game season the radio stations give away tickets to the game through contests or promotions.

You can also check out money saving tips when buying sports equipment or when buying airplane tickets.

You see, there are many ways to watch your favorite team and favorite player play. But remember you don’t have to spend much to buy tickets. All it takes is a little planning, follow the suggestions above and you’ll surely save money on sports tickets.


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