How to Save Money When Organizing Family Reunions

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It’s wonderful when once in a while we pause in our endeavors in life and gather as one family in a reunion. Family reunions is a way of knowing the status of your kin, what are they up to or simply meet the person you haven’t seen in a long while.

While it is fun to have family reunions, it may entail a lot of costs to have one. But don’t worry; here are some tips that can help you save money in organizing family reunions.

You must plan the reunion way ahead of time. The first thing to plan is a budget for the reunion. Contact ahead all your prospect participants so that they can prepare ahead of time. Make sure that every detail of the family reunion is covered in the plan as well as the planned budget for the event. This is one way to have a cheap family reunion.

If your family or relatives live in different cities, then plan the reunion in a city which is near them so that they can save money on travel or rental. When looking for a place to hold the reunion at, always look for group discounts. Most of the hotels offer group discounts for family functions, avail these discounts. The hotels even provide a discount on food for the reunion. You just have to be ready to negotiate.

Another way to save money in organizing family reunions is to hold the family reunion at home. That way, you have the money to pay for a venue saved. Choose a host and inform the person that the reunion will be at their place so that they can prepare as well.

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Have a Pot Luck. Encourage volunteerism among the family by encouraging each person to bring in a food item. That way you don’t have to spend a big amount on food for everybody. Being in a family reunion, I’m sure they are more than willing to contribute something for the success of the event.

Also you can look for group discounts for air travel. You can save a lot of money through these group discounts, specially for air travel which is probably the most expensive part of the reunion. Another thing in regards to air travel, do not plan the reunion during peak travel season. During this time the airline ticket prices sky-rocket making it not affordable to anyone.

Make sure you plan the reunion at a time when everybody can attend. More people attending will reduce the per head cost of the reunion. Another way to save money on reunion is to email the invitations instead of sending a formal invitation by post. You will save a lot of money which you might have spent on postage and invitations. If you are technology savvy, make a Facebook page of the reunion and post the latest updates about the reunion for everybody to see. It is also a great way to communicate and have a discussion with everybody.

At the reunion function ask everybody to pitch in and take photographs. Then you can ask everybody to send you the pictures they took and you have a reunion album to share with everyone. No money spent. So do your own photography during the reunion to save money.

Family reunion is a good way to get to know your relatives and kin but remember you don’t have to spend more to have a successful reunion. Follow the steps suggested above and I’m sure you will have a memorable and enjoyable, family reunion.

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