How to save money on a birthday party

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With prices what they are these days, most people are looking for ways to save a few dollars. Saving money on birthday party costs appears to be one of the first frugal steps taken by many families. It is important to note here that cutting costs on birthday expenses shouldn’t be considered stingy; it is merely being thrifty. The following are some ways to save money, but at the same time give the birthday person a wonderful birthday treat.

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A home party is always a nice idea. If it is a child’s birthday, you should make the cake and snacks yourself and, depending on the weather, arrange fun games in the backyard. At the end of the day, cleaning up is a hassle, but costs you nothing. There is no need to go to MacDonald’s or a pool – stay home and save. This idea applies to an adult birthday party also. A nice home cooked dinner with a few friends over and ample alcohol is much better than heading out to some over-priced restaurant.

If you are going to decorate, keep everything simple. Children are just as happy with a few pieces of bunting hanging from the ceiling as they are with the glamorous decorating of a professional. The only thing I would stipulate is that the decorations should be colorful – use your imagination. Purchase paper plates, napkins and the like; these things are cheap and easily discarded later. There is no need to hire a professional clown or shell out ridiculous amounts for a five minute appearance by Mickey Mouse. In the case of an adult’s party, forget the decorations – no one cares.

As mentioned above, baking the birthday cake yourself is a real money saver; it also gives the event a personal touch. Buying a cake from a cake store, while probably quite delicious, it is not home cooking and appears to be not from the heart.

In the case of a child’s birthday party, forget about sending your child’s friends home laden with candy and games. A couple of balloons and perhaps something he or she made during the party will suffice. Candy and other treats are expensive and happen to be not good for their teeth. If you are a dentist or work in a dentist’s clinic, by all means hand out the candy along with your business card.

It is clear that arranging a cheaper adults’ birthday bash is a lot simpler. You have the option of only inviting close friends or relatives; adults, generally, understand if numbers are too many. Invited guests could be told not to bring a gift or, on the other hand, told to bring a gift. If you plan to give the birthday person a gift, buy something that is useful, something he or she will use regularly. However, in the case of a man, buying a handkerchief, though useful, isn’t going to make him a happy camper. Give serious thought to the present – asking is always a good idea.

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Saving money on a birthday party is quite easy, if you’re serious. Many people think that saving money makes them look cheap, however, if you plan everything right and don’t splurge, no one will know if the party was expensive or cheap; everyone will just enjoy.

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