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Balancing a budget is a very stressful task and is often the cause of husband and wife arguments or the reason new office equipment is not purchased in a company. In days gone by, many of us used a ledger or some other type of note, to keep a record of family or business expenses. Nowadays, however, the ledger has been replaced by the computer and a phenomenon named the Internet; indeed, these days keeping a family or business budget is not the stressful ordeal of the past. The Internet is replete with budget planning software programs designed to quickly arrange and keep track of your family or business finances with minimal input from us. Some of these programs you have to buy, while others are completely free. Let’s take a look at 5 free budget planning software applications that are considered excellent budgeting programs; both open source and web applications.


1. Mint: is a web application that enables you to bring all your financial statements together in an online environment. This application is able to analyze you daily expenses and automatically categorize the many transactions that you have to deal with weekly. The program scans your income and outcome accounts and offers money saving advice. Although Mint is a web application and used in your browser, it is completely safe. Once you have signed up, created a password and entered your financial data, only people who know your password and user name will be given access. Indeed, using a web application, similar to Mint, lets you to access the site from any computer with an Internet connection.

2. SimpleD: is an open source application that is designed to make all your budgeting woes disappear. Once the program is downloaded to your hard drive, it will use the computer’s systems to calculate and advise you on your financial decisions. The program’s user interface is simple to navigate with all buttons and icons labeled in simple understandable language. Whether you need to balance a checking account, increase your savings, pay the various monthly bills or find out why you never seem to have enough money, SimpleD is what you need to use. If you’re a person that is always on the move, you have the option of copying SimpleD to a portable USB device.

3. Acemoney Lite: is known as a “personal finance manager” and indeed it is. Acemoney Lite incorporates a slew of options designed to take the angst out of managing your personal accounts. The program aids you in organizing your finances speedily and efficiently. You are able to keep track of your spending habits, generate and print financial reports, make use of pie-charts and keep tabs on your bank deposits and withdrawals. Other options include the ability to customize the easy-to-use interface to suit your needs, track the performance of stock and use the online-banking option.

4. Checkbook Ease: is a simple-to-use application with a selection of options that enable you to balance your home finances easily. You are able to create daily, weekly or monthly budget summaries and charts, create an archive, keep track of banking details, schedule transactions and make use of the programs built-in daily planner. The application’s interface has been designed for, not only a novice user, but also a seasoned pro.

5. GetRichSlowly: is a spreadsheet format that is able to be used in either Google Docs or Microsoft Excel. The program has been designed solely as a budget program. You are able to create a planner in order to track any and all transactions, create daily, weekly or monthly records of your spending and print financial statements. Data is able to be stored for a year and used as a reference when planning how to use your money Although, initially the application seems complicated, it is in fact, quite easy to navigate and uses the same commands as any other spreadsheet in use around the world today. GetRichSlowly does not have all the bells and whistles of other applications as it has been created purely for budgeting purposes and nothing else. If you are looking for an application that offers the bare-bones of budgeting, this program is what you need.

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