How to Buy Valentine’s Day Bouquet for Cheap

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Here are some money saving tips to buy Valentine’s day flower bouquet for cheap. These money saving tips can help you save money on Valentine’s day flowers.

For budget conscious individuals out there, Valentine’s Day can be a nightmare for some not only because of Valentine’s Day date expenses but also the amount of amount you need to pay to buy a Valentine’s Day bouquet.  However there are ways that you can use to save money on your Valentine’s Day bouquet that you can use and they are as follows:

Valentine Bouquet

  • Order your cheap Valentine’s Day bouquet when long before Valentine’s Day or the peak season. This is also a good way to save because flower prices are still low during off season and there is still not much demand on bouquets during this time.
  • Bargaining for a lower price is another way to save money on your Valentine’s Day bouquet. Depending on the flower shops, they usually give discounts to those who order early or those who order in large quantities. Try bargaining to lower the price on your purchase especially if you buy in bulk.
  • If you really want to have a rose bouquet, you can still save money on your Valentine’s Day bouquet by combining it with other flowers. Rose bouquets are usually expensive during this time so combining it with flowers rather than an all-rose bouquet is way cheaper.
  • You can also buy cheap Valentine’s Day bouquet from flower farms. If there is one near your place, opt to buy there rather than the nearest flower shop because flowers there usually are cheaper. Also you can have a lot of fresh flowers to choose from compared to the flower shop where there is limited supply.
  • Make sure you explore multiple stores before buying valentine’s day flowers. I found really good rose bouquets at Walmart last year for cheap, and I am planning to hit Walmart this time too.

Also check out our guide to how to buy flowers for cheap, and how to save money when shopping online.

This coming Valentine’s Day, you can express your love for your special someone without spending so much on the Valentine’s Day Bouquet. You can follow the suggestions above to save money on your Valentine’s Day bouquet and put a smile not only on your loved one but also on your budget.

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