How to Save Money on Camping

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Here are some money saving tips to save money while camping. These money saving tips let you enjoy camping for cheap.

Camping is an outdoor activity where campers spent a night or two in the wilderness. Bringing only basic means to survive, camping has become a popular recreational outdoor activity. A lot of considerations has to be considered before going camping, one of which is the cost to do it. Listed below are some ideas to help you save money on camping.


  • Plan your camping activity well. As they say, a well planned task is half way done. Make sure to take consideration all the details in camping. From the venue, the date, the things to bring, all this should be tackled so you’ll know how much is the cost and how much will be your contingency amount.
  • Going with a group is a way to have cheap camping. Cost will be divided among the members of the group so this will lower down the cost for you. Besides, it’s more fun to be going out in groups because there will be more interaction and bonding formed.
  • If you plan camping in a far away place, better book your tickets earlier. That way you can get discounts from the tickets that you’ll be purchasing. The nearer the date the more expensive the tickets will become. Cheap tickets will mean cheap camping.
  • Another way to save money on camping trip is to just go camping nearby. Be it in the woods near your neighborhood or a campsite which is just a drive away. The important thing is not the place or venue but the experience that you’ll get from camping.
  • Go camping not in the peak season. There are a lot of campers on the campsite during the peak season and it will be harder for you to organize your trip because of the presence of many people. After all, one of the purpose of camping is to commune with nature.
  • To have a cheap camping trip, don’t spend too much on your camping equipments. You can just borrow from your friends or if not buy second-hand equipments (check as long as there is no defect and the equipment is still durable. Also make a list of equipment you will need, so you have time to buy it before hand. Instead of buying expensive equipment at the last moment.
  • Another way to save is food. Go prepared when you are going camping, carry your own food. Instead of buying from outside, take things like fruits, vegetables & eatables that can be grilled, things which last long and are filling as well. Otherwise you might end up spending a lot of money on buying food from outside which is neither healthy nor economical.

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So what are you waiting for? Plan your camping trip now and be excited to experience what it is to be on the outdoors. Just follow the tips above and you’ll be sure to save money on camping and enjoy it with the company of friends and buddies.

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